3rd July 2009

Sky Babes vs Fly Boys – Review

Sky Babes vs Fly Boys Title: Sky Babes vs Fly Boys
Developer: A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. Games
Release Date: March 2009
Platform: iPhone and iTouch
ESRB: Everyone 10+
Price: $ 0.99 USD

Sky Babes vs Fly Boys is a game of speed and strategy – you play as a freight pilot, and you need to outlast your competition by not going bankrupt. This is no small feat, as the AI in Sky Babes vs Fly Boys is rather intelligent – and fast. With the price of fuel constantly rising as play progresses, it becomes pertinent to make the best routing decisions and getting to the pick up locations before the other pilots.Character Selection

Starting off in North America, players choose from four characters with distinctly different personalities – Baroness von Kargohaulin, Cassie Nova, Ace Boomer or The Duke. As delivery orders come available, cities pop up on the map, a white dotted line showing the cargo destination. It is very important to pay attention to each city that pops up, as you can earn more money and use less fuel by combining cargo deliveries. To select a cargo pick up location, all you need to do is tap the city’s icon followed by the drop-off point. To re-route your plane for a secondary cargo pick up, simply tap the second city’s icon. Cargo values are indicated by the number icon. For example, a cargo marker labeled “1” is worth $100.00 while a marker of “5” is worth $500.00. Diamond-shaped icons under your character’s name indicates how many cargo shipments you can carry on your plane, and if those spots are empty or filled.

Game PlayIt is best to use North America as a training ground, but you can play on any map you wish at any time, you do not have to work your way up to the more difficult maps. As one of the Easy Mode levels, you don’t need to slide your map like you do in the upper levels. Once you have mastered the art of beating your opponents to the cargo, you can move on to Europe, which has both an Easy and Medium difficulty mode. Medium mode requires a limited amount of map sliding, while Hard mode requires much more – particularly if you are playing on the worldwide map. The level map for Asia is also played in Medium mode, while Oceania and Worldwide are designated as Hard mode. The developers weren’t World Mapkidding – the levels of difficulty increase exponentially with each area.

When I first started playing Sky Babes vs Fly Boys, I wasn’t sure that I was going to like it, as my usual casual game fare is usually comprised of the match three genre. To my pleasant surprise, I really enjoy this game – even when those pesky AI pilots steal my cargo pickups. For only 99 cents (USD) I think this game is a great value, it is very easy to learn and has a high re-playability rating. I highly recommend it to the “iProduct” gamers out there.

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