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2nd June 2009

Lanamark Unifies Storage and Virtualization Design

LanamarkTorontoLanamark Inc., a global provider of analysis and design solutions for virtualizing desktops and servers and optimizing physical and virtual infrastructure, today announced availability of the Storage Design Module for Lanamark Suite. This new module enables solution providers to design the underlying storage infrastructure for both virtualized desktops and servers.

“Storage is a core part of every virtual infrastructure solution that we architect and build for our customers,” said Craig Martin, vice president of Technology Services at Enterprise Systems, a leading solution provider in Colorado, United States. “The Lanamark Storage Design Module enables us to design desktop and data center virtualization solutions holistically with server, storage and software components that maximize interoperability, performance and uptime.”

The Storage Design Module offers advanced capabilities for assessing disk space and disk IO requirements, automates virtual disk sizing and provides a rich selection of HBAs, SAN switches and storage arrays from major vendors. It enables solution providers to design and compare what-if scenarios across multiple server and storage configurations. This ensures that enterprises are always presented with cost-effective, highly optimized storage options that maximize return-on-investment from virtual infrastructure.

“Performance of desktop and server applications in virtual environments can be closely linked to the design quality of the underlying server and storage infrastructure,” said Paul Davey, CTO at Xtravirt, a leading virtualization solution provider in the UK. “Using the Lanamark Storage Design Module, our team of consultants now takes a data-driven approach to accurately assess existing storage requirements and design storage subsystems that increase scalability and performance of virtual desktop and server environments.”

Once the data collection phase is completed and virtualization candidates are identified, solution providers can approximate central storage requirements by analyzing a rich set of disk space and disk IO metrics. These metrics are also used for automatically sizing virtual disks and balancing workloads across target servers to minimize disk IO resource contention. The module supports HBAs, SAN switches and storage arrays from Brocade, Cisco Systems, Dell, EMC, Emulex, Hitachi, HP, IBM, NetApp, QLogic, Sun Microsystems and Xiotech. It also allows EMC partners to export data into the EMC ET Tool.

“Storage design is not a peripheral activity that can be performed out-of-band with design of virtual infrastructure,” said Mark Angelo, CEO of Lanamark. “The Storage Design Module extends and accelerates design of desktop and server virtualization solutions. For the first time, solution providers are able to deliver assessment, planning and design services for desktops, servers and the underlying storage infrastructure using a single, integrated, services-centric software solution from Lanamark.”

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