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  • Destiny Media Announces Partnership Between Play MPE and Australian Independent Record Labels Association

7th May 2009

Destiny Media Announces Partnership Between Play MPE and Australian Independent Record Labels Association

PlayMPEVancouver Destiny Media Technologies, Inc., the industry’s leading secure digital media distribution company, is pleased to announce that Australian partner, The Shooting Star Picture Company has established a partnership with the Australian Independent Record Labels Association (AIR) to provide media distribution services for Australia’s 300+ indie record companies through the Play MPE® music delivery software.

The deal sees the industry body enable all its members to join major independents Shock, Inertia, Remote Control, Liberation, Shogun and many more who are all using the system to service pre-release music to the media. With major labels Universal, EMI and Warner also utilising the system, Play MPE® has firmly become the industry standard for promotional music delivery in Australia.

“D-Star is a pioneer in delivering promotional material to media in a direct, targeted and cost-effective way and that’s exactly what our members need,” said AIR CEO Stuart Watters. “Our arrangement with Shooting Star opens up the Play MPE® platform so that every label from a one-artist operation to our larger members all have the ability to access the same media servicing techniques as the major multinationals and that can only be a good thing for the sector.”

“We recognise that the independent sector is the fastest growing area of the modern music industry,” said Shooting Star Picture Company CEO Peter Skillman. “Not only that but its the side of the industry which nurtures innovation and that’s the spirit that D-Star embodies. Levelling the playing field and ensuring that good music is heard regardless of its label is a huge priority for us and we’re proud to be partnering with AIR to ensure that goal is realised.”

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