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14th April 2009

Dolphin Digital Media Launches Family Internet Solution To Keep Kids Safer Online

Dolphin Digital MediaTorontoDolphin Digital Media, Inc. has launched Dolphin Secure – a family Internet solution developed in Canada that allows parents to tailor and manage their child’s experiences online. Dolphin Secure quickly and easily downloads onto any computer in the home; and, using an easy-to-use, on-screen dashboard and unique identification system, parental guidelines can be applied to each child whenever and wherever they go online.

Dolphin Secure provides a safer online environment for children. After registering on the website, each time an Internet browser or an Instant Messaging application is opened on a Dolphin Secure computer, a log-in page is triggered. Children simply enter their username and scan their fingerprint. The system identifies each child by matching their fingerprint to a unique number inside Dolphin Secure – no more passwords to share, steal, or even remember. Upon identification, each child’s personal, customizable home page within either “Dolphin Surf” or “Dolphin Surf Kids” (the Dolphin family of social networks) becomes promptly loaded. From there the child is free to explore the Internet and seek new friends within the parameters established for that specific child by their parent.

For example, a mother of three children could allow her older children the freedom to visit more sites than her youngest child. Furthermore, she may allow her youngest child to only instant message with a select group of friends but allow her middle child to speak to all other children of the same age or younger, while allowing her oldest child to speak to anyone within the Dolphin Secure system. No one over the age of 18 is invited into Dolphin Surf
or Dolphin Surf Kids. With the Dolphin Secure system recognizing each child upon login, these rules will be followed on whichever computer in the house any child is using.

“One of the first rules a parent teaches a child is to not talk to strangers and at Dolphin Digital Media we created communities for kids that will extend that rule to the online world,” states Bill O’Dowd, CEO, Dolphin Digital Media. “Dolphin Secure was developed for parents as a tool to provide much-needed peace of mind. We understand that parents cannot be everywhere at once, hovering over their child’s shoulder as they use the Internet. Dolphin Secure ensures that a parent’s rules for online usage are followed.”

With Dolphin Secure, parents have the tools to protect their children from three leading threats of the Internet including dangers of viewing unsuitable content, contact with online predators, and anonymous communication requests that often lead to cyberbullying. Dolphin Secure allows a parent to establish guidelines of suitable sites, customizable for each individual child. Furthermore Dolphin Secure’s fingerprint identification system serves as a great deterrent to online predators and also eliminates the use of anonymous usernames and passwords that lead to many forms of online harassment.

“As a working mom, my children always see me at the computer and try to emulate me,” said Erica Ehm, mother of two and founder of YummyMummyClub.ca. “It’s impossible to continuously monitor them, but with this new software I can manage what they see and who they chat to – even when I’m not there.”

Dolphin Secure currently works for PCs using Windows XP or Vista operating systems and is available in two cost-effective versions – Dolphin Secure and Dolphin Basic. A version available for Mac computers is expected to be released shortly after launch.

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