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12th March 2009

iAmHappy IPhone App Delivers Positive Affirmations In Your Pocket

New Affirmations iPhone app helps overcome stress and anxiety during these tough economic times

ACQYRTorontoACQYR.com has released the iAmHappy iPhone app with over 500 positive affirmations to help people through these uncertain times.  With all the negativity swirling around us during this economic turmoil, it’s hard to keep a positive outlook and so this new iPhone application delivers a dose of positive affirmations. The positive affirmationsiamhappy have been specially crafted to transform your mental attitude and bring a more positive feeling in a negative world.

iAmHappy provides access to hundreds of positive affirmations across three dozen categories, coupled with 100 relaxing and soothing images and backgrounds. Simply shake the iPhone for a random affirmation such as “I surround myself with positive people just like me” and “No matter what the statistics say I am an exception to the rule.”

Ronnie Nijmeh, President and Founder of ACQYR.com and PLR.me, is a stress management coach and business consultant. Nijmeh sees the suffering that this economic instability is causing and says: “It breaks my heart. My goal is to help people open their eyes to the many joys and gifts in the world. After all, nothing good comes from worrying, so we might as well choose happiness!”

iamhappy1iAmHappy is a companion to the hundreds of personal development articles, free desktop wallpapers and motivational resources freely available on ACQYR.com. “The iAmHappy iPhone app is an inspiring resource developed by ACQYR to help you find motivation and interior freedom during these uncertain times,” explains Nijmeh.

Choosing iAmHappy is a conscious decision to choose happiness in life. Through positive affirmations Nijmeh says you can “change your mind and change your life.”

“Surround yourself with negatives and you’ll be negative. Surround yourself with positives and you’ll be positive. The economy isn’t going to get better by worrying about it. Worrying won’t get you anywhere. When you choose the positive, you will attract happiness, peace, and success,” says Nijmeh.

iAmHappy is for the iPhone and iPod touch and currently costs just 99 cents in the US App Store.

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