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16th February 2009

ReachMyFile.com Announces a Secure, Remote File Access Service for the iPhone

Reach My FileVancouver – New iPhone application ReachMyFile lets users search for a file on their remote home or work computer across the cellular data (3G or EDGE) or Wi-Fi network.

ReachMyFile enables home users to download movies to watch or photos to show to friends. It allows business users to download documents, images and presentations to share with colleagues and to email documents from their remote Mac directly to the person who needs the information most, all in real time.

ReachMyFile’s purpose-built, intuitive, user interface means there is no need to navigate a tiny desktop on the iPhone screen. Users simply get access to the information they need, where and when they need it.
ReachMyFile is new technology, made just for the iPhone, to optimize data transfers and utilize network connections efficiently. ReachMyFile is designed with privacy and security in mind; data stays on the desktop computer or iPhone and is only transferred across an encrypted, peer-to-peer network link when the user initiates a transfer. No user data is stored in the network.

ReachMyFile does not require a user to reconfigure his router or bypass any firewall, so the desktop remains secure. ReachMyFile consists of both handheld and desktop software, designed as a single service.

ReachMyFile beta tester Amar Shan forgot to print out his e-tickets for the Madonna concert. ?I had ReachMyFile on my iPhone, so I used it to retrieve the file with the e-tickets. The e-tickets have a bar code which, when blown up on the screen of my iPhone, could be scanned for entry into the event. The ushers were a little taken aback, but accepted the electronic rendition of the bar code without any questions.?

ReachMyFile permits download and viewing of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, PDFs, audio and video files and PNG and JPEG images. The ReachMyFile software consists of two elements: one for the iPhone or iPod touch (downloaded from the iPhone App Store) and one for the desktop running Mac OS X Versions 10.4 and 10.5 (downloaded from the ReachMyfile.com website).

ReachMyFile is available on the App Store in a free, lite version and in a full-featured version which costs US$19.99.

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