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12th January 2009

Vancouver Board of Trade hosts “Online Protection” Presentation

Businesses Learn to Stop Cyber Criminals

Vancouver Board of TradeVancouver – Online threats to business operations are likely to grow in 2009, but some companies are getting the information they need to prepare for the coming storm.

This month, Vancouver Board of Trade Managers’ Toolbox presents “Online Protection: How to secure your business and build consumer trust“, where Pacific Coast Information Systems Ltd. President Vaclav Vincalek will provide essential tips and practical steps businesses can take to protect their operations and customers.

“Hackers and cyber criminals are increasingly employing multi-faceted tactics that businesses must prevent if they want to survive, much less compete,” Vincalek says. “A successful attack on a company’s network or online presence, which can take a
hacker seconds to deploy, can put a company out of business permanently. In 2009, it’s going to get even worse, so we want to educate organizations about how to deal with the threats.”

The “Online Protection” session, at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver on January 20 at 7:45 am, will cover topics including how and why cyber criminals target your business, the consequences of a security breach, how to protect your business assets and customers’ privacy and more.

“We’ll provide some very practical online security tips companies can implement right away,” Vincalek emphasized. “For instance, we recommend every company have a web browsing policy for their staff. As well, we suggest companies that are going to sign or renew contracts with web hosting companies to ensure that the security-related responsibilities on both sides are spelled out precisely. To some extent, you can outsource security, but a company ultimately can’t outsource liability, so it’s important to get the details right.”

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