31st October 2008

Mycoobie.com To Host World of Warcraft Contests

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Toronto – Mycoobie.com is going to host a series of contests for World of Warcraft (wow) players in the light of the release of the new expansion, Wrath of the Lich King. The contests focus on the content of the new expansion but also accept the game content related to the old wow itself, in the form of screen shot, video clip, or simply experience sharing. Moreover, cash prizes are given out weekly as rewards for contest winners.

There are two choices of contents, which fall under the following contests categories:

“Wrath of the Lich King” Contest is a contest includes anything related to the new expansion, e.g. The new quests lines, new arena sets screenshot, new gears review, new dungeon strategy.

“My Creative Way of Playing WOW” Contest is a contest does not limit to the new expansion but more focus on the gameplay itself. There are a lot creative and fun moments in the world of wow. For example, one-man MC attunement, AOE fast mob, or 2-men dungeon boss fighting. Now with the new patch Echos of Doom, a lot new elements have been added to the game and players must have created their own fun way to enjoy the game.

Players can join the contest in 3 Ways:
1. Submit screenshot for anything related to the new world. The new environment, fresh appearance, fancy skills effect, powerful gears, or just for fun.
2. Submit adventure stories related to the contests above, such as new quests, boss fighting strategies, powerful talent builds, or any story about the game the players would like to share.
3. Submit a video clip about anything related to the contests above.

The Winners are selected based on the rating of submitted stories by members of Mycoobie.com weekly. Altogether there will be four rounds. For each round, cash prizes will be given out to winners.

The contest will end on November 30th, 2008.

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