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28th August 2013

Reallusion Unlocks Universal Character Animation At Unite 2013

UnityToday at Unite 2013 in Vancouver, California-based developers of award-winning facial animation and 3D real-time software Reallusion showcased the latest edition of iClone Animation Pipeline, which now includes the first universal facial control system for any 3D character. Once requiring a team of animators and weeks of work to bring characters to life, game developers who work in Unity are now able to accomplish their goals in a matter of days and with minimal production staff using the iClone Animation Pipeline.

Reallusion will be demonstrating iClone Animation Pipeline at Unite 2013, August 28-30, exhibitor table #6. Reallusion is also organizing a special training session, “Talking Character and Animation for Games,” August 29, 3:30-4:00pm, Session Room #212.


  • Animation the Old Way: 3D characters play the crucial role of leading us through stories, interactions in games and other interactive, real-time environments. The creation process to bring these heroes, villains and even the most delicate characters to life as believable actors has forever required artists or a team of artists to invest weeks, months and in some cases years to bring it all together. A high degree of character modeling and rigging skills is necessary, design of custom scripted controls and animating the character from head to toe is a time- consuming challenge that leaves most 3D tool users without the option to incorporate 3D characters into projects within a short amount of time.
  • Animation with iClone: The release of iClone 5.5 Pipeline empowers game developers to re-imagine the production process while keeping their own pipeline intact, freeing artist to quickly achieve animation results. Import actor models as FBX to characterize in iClone and take immediate control of every aspect of creating the actor’s performance using iClone’s intuitive lip-sync, facial animation, puppeteering and Human IK motion-editing. Prepare you actor, animate and share results in a matter of hours, instead of days or weeks.


1. Universal Facial & Body Animation Tool for Every 3D Artist

  • For Body: Suite of helpful tools like motion-puppet, motion modify and MixMoves, which can generate body animation from base motion and custom flexibility
  • For Face: Innovative facial puppeteering and auto lip-sync system that people can generate animation by choosing the personality and emotion profiles for fast, professional output.
  • For Total Character: Mature toolset that enables animators to import any 3D character with facial bone rig or morph data into iClone for a quick character animation before  exporting to a preferred rendering tool.

2. Export Talking Characters to Major 3D Tool and Game Engine in One File

  • One-File Export: Flexible toolset that enables all motion data can be saved and managed in one file and exported to Unity.

3. World’s Largest Real-Time 3D Animation Marketplace with 50,000+ Items

  • Buy: Largest selection of professional content from providers like Unity, etc. Items include ready-for-animation characters and props for your real-time production.
  • Sell: Thriving platform gives animators access to lucrative new revenue source for your work


iClone 5.5 is available now. Download your free trial copy today or visit Reallusion online for more information and to see what’s new in iClone Animation Pipeline for Unity.

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