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25th July 2013

Canadian Homemade Game Guru’s YouTube Channel Gaining Fans And Recognition

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mini-orbyAmong the over half-a-billion YouTube channels available online, a growing fanbase is starting to refer to the host of the Homemade Game Guru how-to channel as “Black MacGyver” for his innovative use of cardboard, glue and scrap materials to make over-the-top crafts and inventions. It was after the creation of his hit summer video ‘How to make a cardboard swimming pool’ that viewers started to make playful connections between the Homemade Game Guru’s African-Canadian host Luanga Nuwame and the legendary fictional 80s television character. MacGyver was a secret agent synonymous with using simple materials like duct tape to make gadgets needed to escape perilous situations. Although the Homemade Game Guru doesn’t need to escape from bad guys, his knack for creating outlandish inventions out of cardboard and duct tape has led to the recurring complimentary comparisons.

“I am honored when my viewers appreciated the creative work I do in my videos and think that I’m even remotely near the skills of MacGyver – one of my favorite 80s TV heroes,” stated Nuwame.


Homemade Game Guru how-to video tutorials usually include very basic materials easily obtained by viewers interested in emulating the demonstrated designs. These materials include cardboard, duct tape, glues, double-sided tape, Bristol board, elastics, scrap wood and miscellaneous dollar store items. Every month these materials are transformed into concepts like the recently launched ‘Nunee New’ cardboard scooter/skateboard/Segway design and the Street Fighter II rotating lamp. Both the Nunee New and rotating lamp are the first crafts of their kind. Nuwame created the cardboard swimming pool concept in 2011 as a way to help Americans and Europeans cope with their yearly heatwaves by utilizing inexpensive materials and a little imagination. The video has amassed 140,000 views to date.


Operating out of his basement workshop, Nuwame created the Homemade Game Guru channel to showcase his use of cardboard as a versatile crafting medium. Since its inception, the channel’s 75 cardboard craft videos have been viewed over 3,100,000 times collectively and the channel has over 6,200 subscribers. Although the channel is based out of Canada, 50% of its viewers are from the United States and 15% are from the United Kingdom. Viewership is also growing in Australia, Brazil, Germany, Mexico and Russia.

The Homemade Game Guru channel also features DIY swords and weapons, standees, toys, trading cards, 3D board games and vehicles all made out of cardboard. Future designs include a new type of cardboard chair, a made-in-Canada cardboard bicycle concept, a Transformers-based Halloween costume and a new card game series. In 2008, the Homemade Game Guru channel won a MajorFun.com award for creativity and in 2009 it garnered a world record for making the ‘world’s largest wood board game made by one person’. The channel is currently being assessed by a major U.S. adhesives company for a potential sponsor partnership.

With a ready supply of cardboard and unlimited creativity, Nuwame’s Homemade Game Guru channel will continue to be a hub for inventing and pushing the boundaries of what can be made with simple materials and cardboard. He continues to work hard to earn the mantle and distinction of being YouTube’s ‘Black MacGyver’!

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