14th March 2013

Rocket Builders Names Top Technology Companies

ready to rocketRocket Builders has released its eleventh annual “Ready to Rocket” lists of British Columbia technology companies that are best positioned to capitalize on the 2012 technology sector trends that will lead them to faster growth than their peers. Rocket Builders also released results from its 2012 lists, with 2 companies being acquired and 3 companies graduating from future consideration having achieved greater than $20 million in revenue.

The annual “Ready to Rocket” lists provide accurate predictions of private companies that will likely experience significant growth, venture capital investment or acquisition by a major player in the coming year. The lists cover 3 different technology sectors:

  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Cleantech (CT)
  • Life Science (LS)

“Ready to Rocket” lists are the only predictive lists of its kind in North America, requiring many months of sector and company analysis.

“Each year, our team of analysts received lots of inquiries on how we are able to predict so accurately which companies will grow revenue.” said Geoffrey Hansen, Managing Partner at Rocket Builders. “Three elements characterize these high growth firms: a growing market opportunity, a unique competitive position and customer validation of a must-have value proposition.”

The 2012 Ready to Rocket list for ICT performed extremely well. The median growth rate on that list was over 50% growth, with the 10 companies exceeding 75% growth and 5 companies exceeding 100% growth. Here is 2013’s Ready to Rocket list for ICT:

“With the growth of mobility and cloud computing as major drivers of the ICT sector, there are many market opportunities that BC companies are capitalizing on,” said Reg Nordman, Managing Partner at Rocket Builders, “And despite slow economic growth in most global markets, ICT companies are finding ways to win customers in the United States and abroad.”

The 2012 Ready to Rocket list for Cleantech also performed extremely well, with 3 companies exceeding $30 million in revenue, and many more were able to more than double their revenues. The 2013 features 14 companies:

According to Dave Thomas, Senior Partner at Rocket Builders, “B.C. continues to be a leader in Cleantech innovation, and investments into this sector continue to grow. Unlike information technology, Cleantech innovations need longer timeframes to establish a market foothold. This year, many new B.C. startups have transitioned from innovation to commercialization.”

The 2012 Ready to Rocket list for Life Science featured many new investments and key milestones. The 2013 list features 10 companies:

According to Thealzel Lee, Senior Partner at Rocket Builders, “2012 has seen significant investments in BC’s life science companies as well as changes to the business landscape that is reflective of the challenges faced by the regulatory environment as it tries to keep up with the advances and convergence of molecular biology, chemistry, digital media, nanotechnology, ICT and other interfacing technologies.”

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