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19th December 2012

New End of Days Content Update For The Secret World Is Now Live

funcomFuncom is excited to announce that Issue #5; The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn has just gone live. This update introduces much new content, and also sets the stage for a very special in-game event called the End of Days. This event starts on the 21st of December and offers tons of new challenges. A competition is held during the event to reward those who do the most to stem the tide of this rising darkness. Catch the exclusive Issue #5 Preview Video narrated by Game Director Joel Bylos, and get a sneak peek into all the fresh content and some of the new and brutal monsters which bring the apocalypse.


To get more insight into the End of Days event, be sure to read Senior Designer Tanya Short’s developer blog. It reveals many of the unique challenges awaiting the players during these end times, and what rewards the very best can expect should the world survive.

Issue #5 – The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn contains:

End of Days Event – In addition to all the new and already live content in Issue #5, an in-game End of Days event will start on the 21st of December and will last until January 7th (if the world survives). During the event hordes of Mayan zombies will rise, three giant Harbingers will walk the earth, and the God of the Nine Underworlds will come to end this age. The players get new missions, face new challenges and can earn many unique rewards, such as pets or special weapons.

End of Days Contest – A competition will be running during the event. Players earn points by defeating these new threats and gaining their special loot. The top thousand players will be rewarded with a unique title, and the top hundred will get an exclusive pet. Players will be able to track their standing in the competition through The Secret World’s special Chronicle system.

New Auxiliary Weapon – Players can get their hands on a very special weapon in Issue #5. The Quantum Brace warps both space and time to unleash devastating attacks. Hit once with the weapon and your action bar will change, revealing a new icon for a completely different follow-up attack. The Quantum Brace is great for doing damage, but also has some very handy abilities for healers.

Exciting Story Arc – The main character in Issue #5 is the Solomon Island blogger Tyler Freeborn. He has taken it upon himself to investigate the grim happenings on the island and has now disappeared. The players can follow in his footsteps and enjoy a completely new story arc consisting of several missions and hours of gameplay. The climax of this story arc is particularly revealing and should not be missed by anyone.

New Missions – This update also introduces a new Investigation mission in the Shadowy Forest, where Alina is trying to escape her Morninglight past, and a new Sabotage mission in the Scorched Desert, which lands you in the middle of the conflict between the undead arms dealer Said and the mysterious Phoenicians. Issue #5 also makes all Investigation missions repeatable, so that everyone can enjoy their deep stories and puzzles again and again.

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  1. Tami Quiring (@VillageGamer)
    11:00 pm on December 18th, 2012

    New End of Days Content Update For @Funcom The Secret World Is Now Live http://t.co/UK8g2j95 #tsw

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