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28th November 2012

Canadians Would Give Up Coffee, Video Games and TV Before Parting With Their Smartphones

wind mobileIf necessary many Canadians would give up coffee or video games before saying goodbye to their smartphones, according to the results of a national survey released today by WIND Mobile. Thirty-seven percent of Canadian mobile phone owners aged 18-34 say they would give up video games before walking away from their devices, while 36 percent say they would be willing to quit drinking coffee rather than lose their phones. Twenty-eight percent would give up television.

Smartphones are clearly in demand as the holiday season approaches. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of adults 18-34 say they would be excited to find a new phone waiting for them under the Christmas tree, making mobile devices among the year’s hottest gifts.

Coffee, games and TV are not the only things Canadian phone owners 18-34 are willing to forego in order to stay connected. Respondents say they would sooner cut off watching sports (39%) or give up going to restaurants (27%) before having to give up their smartphones. Some would even give up their beloved pets in order to keep their phones, with men (20%) being more likely than women (13%) to say they would be willing to part ways with Spot or Fluffy.

“We know Canadians love their smartphones, but no one wants to shackle their loved one with an expensive, multi-year contract,” said Mirko Rugarli, Chief Marketing Officer, WIND Mobile. “With WIND Mobile, they don’t need to give up the things they love. We offer simple, real unlimited wireless plans with no-term contracts on some of the hottest phones available. They are functional right out of the box, making it possible to give someone the gift of no-strings-attached mobile convenience this holiday season.”

What Canadians would be willing to do without in order to keep their smartphones varies by region, according to the survey.

  • British Columbians phone owners of all ages rank highest for being willing to part with coffee (31%), and are more likely to give up video games (46%) than those in other provinces.
  • Phone owners in Alberta, meanwhile, are the most likely to say goodbye to alcohol (36%) than those in B.C. (26%) and other provinces.
  • The survey also reveals a demographic divide – Canadians aged 35-54 are far less likely to give up something if necessary in order to keep their devices, including coffee (20%), restaurants (17%) and television (10%).

I seem to be an exception. I would give up my smartphone before giving up coffee or my 360, Wii, NDS or N3DS. Just sayin’.

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  1. Tami Quiring (@VillageGamer)
    2:59 am on November 28th, 2012

    .@WINDmobile Survey Says Canadians Would Give Up Coffee, Video Games & TV Before Parting With Their Smartphones http://t.co/HygDQ1MK

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