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22nd November 2012

The Secret World’s Manhattan Exclusion Zone Raid Now Available

funcomFuncom is excited to announce the release of the very first raid experience for ‘The Secret World’, the company’s modern-day massively multiplayer online game. The Manhattan Exclusion Zone puts players in the middle of a devastated Times Square where they must battle skyscraper-sized monsters and unlock new pieces of the puzzle that is ‘The Secret World’. The raid is part of Issue #4: Big Trouble in the Big Apple’ – the biggest update yet for ‘The Secret World’ – which is now live and ready for players to experience for themselves.

Since launch this summer the team behind the modern-day MMO has cranked out four major updates and in a letter posted to the community today, Game Director Joel Bylos has now lifted the veil on what is to come in Issue #5. Available in December, the issue will include goodies such as a new auxiliary weapon, new missions, a new story arch centered around a new character, and much more.

Here is a list of some of the content and gameplay mechanics added in Issue #4:

  • New York Raid – The first raid in The Secret World and our take on how a raid can feel and play in a story and atmosphere heavy game.
  • Fusang PvP Revamp – Revitalizing the PvP gameplay in The Secret World is very important to us and is a part of our larger mandate of increasing faction conflict in the game. The revamp gives people a real reason to go to Fusang, whether alone, in a small group or as a zerg.
  • The Albion Theatre – Something for our role-players, the Albion Theatre feature provides people with a place to rehearse and put on plays for each other.
  • The Chainsaw – Starting from a new mission with Dr Aldini, players will have access to the chainsaw auxiliary weapon.
  • Reticule targeting mode – Press T in the game to switch to reticule targeting mode and see if you prefer to play that way. I suspect it is going to become the new favorite way to play for a lot of our players.
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  1. Tami Quiring (@VillageGamer)
    2:11 am on November 22nd, 2012

    .@Funcom Announces That The Secret World’s Manhattan Exclusion Zone Raid Now Available http://t.co/2QlyTKl8 #tsw

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