5th November 2012

Eruptive Games Launches Citizen Grim On Facebook

spooky orbyZombie fans were in for a treat on Halloween as the bloodiest game ever to be seen on Facebook hit the social network – and Outlook failed me by ignoring every rule written and deposited the press release in the Junk folder, so this announcement is a tad late. Eruptive Games, the social gaming company responsible for the ISG top-10 title Mercenaries of War, announced the launch of Citizen GRIM on Facebook. With hordes of zombies, crazy weapons and thrilling game play, Facebook has never seen such a bloodbath!

Citizen GRIM is not your typical zombie game. This original arcade-action RPG pits players against waves of bloodthirsty zombies as they fight with makeshift arsenal and try to escape the horrors of Grim County. It’s easy to get caught up in the story as players learn about the sinister truth behind Grim. Packed with great characters, mercenaries and of course legions of crazed zombies and end bosses, Citizen Grim eats up the competition for the best zombie game of the year in social. Eruptive Games is partnering with Zynga to bring Citizen Grim to the 311 million monthly active players on the Zynga network.


“Citizen GRIM is a work of real passion and experience which we’re thrilled to get out in the world,” said Julian Ing, CEO of Eruptive Games. “We’ve created an exciting original midcore game with depth, fantastic graphics and effects. It has a thrill factor that core players demand and casual players can get into.”

Players progress in Citizen GRIM by unlocking epic story missions to unravel the horrors of Grim and defeat powerful region bosses in arcade action style combat. This content slowly reveals the conspiracy that has seemingly left Grim County frozen in the 1940’s and transformed the residents into Reapers. Players will find:

  • Death-Dealing Weapons – From grenades, shotguns and special makeshift artillery, like electric and sawblade guns, there’s a weapon to defeat every enemy!
  • Mercenaries for Hire – Players can hire mercenaries to cover their backs and even hire friends to help them take on the horrors of Grim.
  • Challenging Enemy Wave System – Unique to Citizen GRIM players can crank up the challenge and take out waves of zombies for bigger payouts and prizes.
  • Build and Manage Resources – Players build and protect critical resource buildings and defend them against brutal zombie assaults.
  • Dangerous Missions and Challenges– Players work on completing dynamic missions to gain points, cash and even premium currency. Players also fight at every turn for the highest score on the social global leaderboards and for bragging rights.
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  1. @VillageGamer
    7:29 am on November 5th, 2012

    .@eruptivegames Launches @CitizenGrim On Facebook http://t.co/KKk4nGaY

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