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12th October 2012

Highway Thru Hell Ends The Season With Round Table

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As Highway Thru Hell prepares to wrap its eight-episode inaugural run, Discovery Channel has announced new plans to air a follow-up special for the breakout hit series. Premiering Tuesday, October 30 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, Highway Thru Hell: After The Crash joins series producer and host of the one-hour special, Mark Miller, as he takes viewers to the legendary “Barn” in Hope to join Jamie Davis and his crew for a season wrap-up “Beer O’clock.” Here, no topic is off limits as Jamie, Adam, Kevin, Bruce, and Samy trade stories from this season of working on the mountain.

A monster hit with critics and viewers alike – the series debut of Highway Thru Hell had the highest premiere audience in Discovery Channel history – fans aren’t ready to leave the mountain quite yet. Produced by Vancouver’s Great Pacific TV, viewers have climbed into the cabs alongside Jamie Davis and his heavy rescue crew in British Columbia’s Cascade Mountains. Riding along, they have experienced the steep hills, lethal drop-offs, killer rockslides, and brutal weather that characterize the mountain passes east of Vancouver, known as the Highway Thru Hell. These are some of the most economically important, most travelled – and most inhospitable – trucking routes in North America. Plagued by winter storms, truckers spin out and smash up, and during the worst, the big wrecks can come as often as every 12 hours. In a place where closure is not an option, the call goes out for heavy rescue, and the big trucks must roll.

Highway Thru Hell: After The Crash catches up with the heavy rescue crew as they reflect over the highs and lows on the mountain last winter. In between highlight clips, showing some of the best and worst times they had the over the season’s eight gripping episodes, the guys talk about their toughest wrecks, worst injuries, stormiest weather, tense moments on the team, and why they stick it out despite it all. Jamie talks about being prepared for anything and how his amazing fleet of heavy rescue trucks helps him tackle it all. Ken, the new guy from the city, stops in for a beer and recounts his struggles adjusting to life on the mountain. Brandon, Jamie’s 17-year-old stepson and last winter’s rookie, takes some heat for his work ethic but isn’t afraid to throw it back. As things are heating up, an ‘unexpected’ visit from arch-rival Al Quiring from Quiring Towing brings out some serious barbs from Adam. Then Mark turns the tough questions on Kevin, Adam, and the boss himself, Jamie. It all ends with a surprise when Mark invites the guys to see the Coquihalla, and the majestic mountains surrounding it, from an angle they’ve never experienced: from­ mid-air in a helicopter.

Viewers can chat live during the special with members of the cast and crew of Highway Thru Hell as they answer questions about the series via Twitter and Facebook. Join the conversation on Discovery’s Social Screen, using hashtag #HWYThruHell. Download the Discovery Canada app free from the App Store.

Editor’s note: It has been very challenging for me to “sit on my hands” during the run of Highway Thru Hell – although I did live tweet during episode 5 – because my family has been in the towing business for 50 years, and we have earned a reputation for being fair and getting the tough jobs done – something that was not shown in our appearances on Highway Thru Hell. As someone who has worked hard on “the family brand” for several years, I wasn’t happy to have our company – and my brother – portrayed as a villain or someone who steals tows when we were towing our own customer and work the Coq in winter at the request of VSA Highway Maintenance and Fraser Valley Traffic Services. It is my hope that should Highway Thru Hell go into a second season that the drama comes from the towing and trucking life itself, not creative edits in post-production, and that more emphasis is put on education about road and vehicle safety so that the only reason your vehicle might end up on one of our trucks is due to breakdown, not an accident.

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