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  • New Strangeloop Technology Allows Network Owners and Telcos to Offer Complete End-to-End Optimization

25th June 2012

New Strangeloop Technology Allows Network Owners and Telcos to Offer Complete End-to-End Optimization

StrangeloopVancouver’s Strangeloop Networks has announced the release of its newest innovation – the Strangeloop Network Accelerator – a service that gives network operators and telecommunications providers the ability to deliver a powerful performance boost for site owners, accelerating web content by at least 100 percent.

“To achieve optimal site performance, sufficient origin capacity must be complemented by front-end optimization, network optimization, and caching techniques,” said Lydia Leong, Research Vice President, Gartner, Inc. “The ability to accelerate dynamic sites, including optimization solutions that target the individual device, improving page rendering and browser behavior, is critical as sites continue to grow in sophistication, user expectations of performance continue to rise, and users increasingly access sites from mobile devices.”

The Strangeloop Network Accelerator leverages existing CDN infrastructure to combine front-end optimization (FEO), middle-mile acceleration powered by dynamic site acceleration technology (DSA), and Strangeloop’s LightSpeed edge platform into a unified whole, deployed at or near each network PoP. Benefits of Strangeloop network acceleration include:

  • Speed: The Strangeloop Network Accelerator delivers content at least 30% faster than competing solutions.
  • Control: Network owners retain end-to-end control over quality of service.
  • Capillarity: Network Accelerator scales to match PoP density around the globe.
  • Innovation: Because Network Accelerator integrates seamlessly with other Strangeloop solutions, site owners enjoy the immediate benefits of new acceleration innovations.
  • Noninvasiveness: Network Accelerator does not require code alterations to websites and applications, an expensive and time-consuming practice typically required to improve performance and integrate acceleration services.

“By merging their existing CDN capabilities with the world’s best FEO and DSA solutions into one service offering, we’re giving network owners and telcos a never-before-available opportunity to provide complete end-to-end optimization to their customers,” said Jonathan Bixby, CEO of Strangeloop Networks. “Our technology allows network providers to marry their lower cost-of-business and strategic position with advanced web acceleration, ultimately offering the fastest, most cost-effective next-generation CDN on the market.”


As web sites and applications become richer, more dynamic, and more interactive, page-load time has emerged as a serious limiting factor for user satisfaction. An ever-growing body of research confirms that consumers expect page loads of 3 seconds or less. Slow load times have been linked to lost sales, revenue, and productivity.

Network owners are tasked with the challenge of providing comprehensive performance packages that offer control, speed, flexibility, and vendor choice for their customers, who have an ever-increasing need for a diverse set of capabilities in their mobile and wired network infrastructure.

“Pacnet’s CDN service is unique in that it is leveraged by our full ownership of the network and hosting infrastructure,” said Chris Wilson SVP Product Strategy & Management, Pacnet. “This gives us end-to-end control of the network, allowing us the speed and flexibility to scale up quickly to meet the demands of our customers and deliver to them a complete one-stop digital content distribution solution. Adding network acceleration technology can make our already-fast network even faster, while still allowing us to retain complete control.”

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  1. Tami Quiring (@VillageGamer)
    3:32 am on June 25th, 2012

    New @strangeloopnet Technology Allows Network Owners and Telcos to Offer Complete End-to-End Optimization http://t.co/9IIQuqZU

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