3rd May 2012

d&a Visual Insights Enters Canadian Market

d&a Visual InsightsDrayton Weissenfels, owner of the Clean 15 brand, and d&a Visual Insights have announced that they will collaborate to launch a joint venture called d&a Canada that will operate in Canada and support global operations. The newly branded d&a Canada will combine the proprietary d&a Visual Insights intelligence software, intelligence methodology and open innovation advisory to connect visionary companies and organizations with unparalleled intelligence around demand focused novel innovations, strategy, competitive and market analysis.

d&a Canada is designed to help bridge the gap between complete global intelligence and companies that need to have access to cutting edge innovations as well as emerging market and “black swan” trends. The intelligence solution will utilize a powerful platform that combines advanced data mining and text analysis capabilities with unique visualization interfaces that will allow clients to discover, analyze and consistently monitor entire identified ecosystems, while being coupled with intelligence officers to connect relevant information and open innovation advisors to advise on engagement and validation strategies. The automated collection tools and intelligence analysts will accurately provide a wide range of unique and relevant discoveries as well as actionable insights for current Fortune 500 and future clients.


Dwayne Matthews, Managing Director of Clean 15 has been appointed Managing Director of d&a Canada and Craig Weissenfels, Director of Operations Clean 15, will serve as d&a Canada’s Head of Operations. In addition d&a Visual Insights executives will be appointed to support as chief technology officer, research and the marketing of d&a Canada.

“It is my belief that the next step in open innovation will be finding the correct ratio between signal to noise. Successful organizations will need to identify and mine their entire global ecosystems for opportunities and growth,” says Dwayne Matthews, Managing Director of d&a Canada. “Those organizations will also have to constantly monitor their competitors and new non-industry competitors for disruptive models, emerging trends and innovations. With our joint venture this is precisely what we now do. We are very pleased to be working with d&a Visual Insights on this new venture”.

“The unique information we obtain through our intelligence solution about the most sophisticated and novel innovations and ideas, provides us a way to identify hundreds of promising opportunities, while keeping an eye on non-industry threats. In many cases, we will assist to create these opportunities,” says Craig Weissenfels, Head of Operations, d&a Canada. “This is of tremendous value to smart companies that have an eye on growth. We have tested our assumptions in the market and the results have been extremely encouraging as we move forward.”

“For d&a, having a joint venture in Canada is a major step towards growth. We recognize Canada’s potential for becoming a leader in many industries in the near future. Our Canadian presence will enable the many corporations and businesses access to critical intelligence for rapid regional and vertical growth, innovation and market knowledge. We will provide technical guidance, market direction and identify white spaces that will encourage superior partner identification,” says Ariel Avitan, VP, Marketing, d&a Visual Insight. “ We see tremendous opportunity in this joint venture and are highly confident in our support for the rapidly growing need and interest in corporate intelligence”

For more information or coordinate an interview, contact Dwayne Matthews, Managing Director, d&a Canada, (647) 409.1648 or dwayne(dot)matthews(at)dainfo(dot)com.

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  1. Tami Quiring (@VillageGamer)
    11:55 pm on May 2nd, 2012

    d&a Visual Insights Enters Canadian Market In Collaboration With @clean15 http://t.co/E6KHK9NH

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