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14th April 2012

Author Gary Pryke’s Crime-fighting Duo Gets Unique Casting

Orby ReadsBatman and Robin. Han Solo and Chewbacca. Shaggy and Scooby- Doo. The quintessential duo has proven that a good adventure is made great with a friend in tow. Vancouver author Gary Pryke introduces the next duo to captivate pop culture with his debut young readers book from Trafford Publishing, The Adventures of Spike & Johnny: Somewhere Close to Forty.

“The Adventures of Spike & Johnny” is an engaging tale depicting the exploits of 12-year-old Johnny Upanishad and his feisty yet lovable spider accomplice, Spike. Young readers will delight in this quickly-paced adventure, where Spike andSpike and Johnny Johnny stumble into a new world filled with discovery, danger, mystery and villains, both ominous and comical. Johnny, with his trusty mountain bike and Spike at his side, must follow his hunches and risk everything in the quest to save the life of one fair and innocent girl.

Book excerpt:

“Johnny’s ride home was not exactly a direct route. His mind was plagued with fears concerning Jennifer and his missing mate. As he kept to the side streets, picking up speed, he deliberately headed toward Kits Point and silently vowed not to return home until Spike and Jennifer were out of danger. There was a slim possibility his good friend Frank could help him steer through this dilemma. As he sped past the tennis courts by the beach, he wondered if his parents would discover his absence. He congratulated himself on having the foresight to stuff his bed with pillows, pajamas and an old basketball to create the illusion of a twelve-year-old boy, fast asleep. As he approached Frankie’s house, the strong, cold salt air filled his lungs, reviving him with new energy and purpose.”

“The Adventures of Spike & Johnny” is illustrated by George Louie and is set in Vancouver.

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