9th March 2012

The CaveChild On Mass Effect 3

OrbyI have just finished Mass Effect 3 and I cannot express in enough words as to how amazing this game is. The storyline will grab you at the start and immediately drag you into your character’s life. This has been one emotional rollercoaster of a story for a game. When Earth was being invaded by the Reapers all you could think of was “Oh DAMN!”

When running through the beginning, there was a part of a small child in a vent, that actually made my heart sink a Mass Effect 3 Character Attributeslittle. Further into it again this child appeared and without giving too much away, I almost wanted to cry. That is how intense and how grabbing the story is. The story of Mass effect 3 gets way better and more emotional as you play your character through the entire story.

I cannot thank the Bioware team enough for keeping Mass Effect 3 as true to itself as it was, for many of us know how bad of a company EA has become, rushing games out when they should be giving them more time and so on. Enough of that though, and more of Mass Effect 3.

The visuals, my goodness… Words cannot describe how pleased I was to see upgraded graphics, more polish and explosions! However I cannot speak for the people who play Xbox, as I played the PC version.  The visuals though, oh.. Mass Effect 3how beautiful planets looked in cut scenes, how smooth it all ran, how amazing it was to watch things go boom, to freeze your enemy, to make their heads pop, to freeze them and well… I’m sure you get the point.

The game play itself was near flawless. I personally wish they would have worked on the cover system a little more as I found it to be a little sticky, buggy and clunky at times but all around it was fine for the large fire fights. Killing the minions of the Reapers and Cerberus seemed a little TOO easy, even in hard-mode. The boss battles are the same – too easy and not presenting enough of a challenge.

The content in the game was awesome. They added the model ships again, the awesome fishies, music for the radio by Mass Effect 3 Onslaughtyour bed and loads of guns. I was rather impressed with how many guns there are this time around. You have the choice to give two modifications per gun and you can have five guns equipped. Those five are: Sniper, Assault Rifle, Small Machine Gun, Shotgun and Pistol. There is one gun I would consider a “BFG” and that would be the M-76 Revenant III. You can find it in the Assault Rifle selection.

The audio in the PC version was near perfect. I found some places to not have audio in the conversations or in some cinematics which kind of put me off a little and made me go “Hm, well bloody hell”. Aside from that, the sounds of everything were definately awesome. I use the Razer Megaladon headset and I was rather happy with its performance with Mass Effect 3.

TMass Effect 3 Weapon Attributeshere was one issue that I had with the game and this was probably one of EA’s calls… The DLC. The launch-day DLC for Mass Effect 3 SHOULD NOT BE DLC! To make people pay extra for something in the storyline is stupid, especially on day one. Personally I would like to smack whoever came up with that.

With all of that said, I really do not want to say too much more about the story. If I speak of it, it honestly would ruin what it is. If you are a hardcore Mass Effect 3 fan or not, this is one game I would recommend that people play.  Also with that, this is easily one of the best stories for a game and I think it should win an award for having such an amazing storyline to it.  Thanks Bioware!


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