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9th March 2012

New Solutions For DOCSIS Media Gateways From ViXS Systems

vixsViXS Systems Inc. has announced two System on Chip (SoC) solutions enabling DOCSIS media gateways – the XCode 5191, a quad HD to HD transcoder, in production today, and the XConnex 1030 MoCA2.0 solution, general sampling in Q2 2012.  Both devices are cost optimized to be used in DOCSIS media gateway platforms.

As cable operators near completion of the roll-out of DOCSIS3.0 infrastructure, DOCSIS media gateways allow operators to take advantage of the high downstream bandwidth to deliver IP Video over DOCSIS to subscriber homes. With the rapid adoption of tablets, smart phones and other mobile platforms, consumers are demanding content on any device with a capable display, over any home network or outside the home.  The demand for anytime, anywhere entertainment is leading to an explosive growth in the number of client devices in the subscriber home, and dramatically altering the consumer viewing experience. The XCode and XConnex families provide the transcoding and MoCA technologies to address these trends in DOCSIS media gateways.

The XCode 5100 family presents a powerful solution for quad transcoding functionality within DOCSIS media gateways. It is bolstered by the deployed and robust ViXS Xtensiv™ software including Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA®), and transcryption capabilities, and by the unique applications hosting capabilities found in the XCode5191. Integrated with and running on the XCode SOC is the Apple® content streaming protocol software called HTTP-Live server or HLS to support Apple iPad® devices. ViXS transcoding at low bit rates ensures excellent video quality on iPAD® / tablets, PCs and smart phones even in a bandwidth constrained home network. XCode5191 also integrates dual Gigabit Ethernet interface providing seamless connection to DOCSIS3.0 modem SoCs.  All of this enables an optimal system architecture for delivery of IP video and seamless integration of video, voice, data, and Conditional Access (CA) and Digital Rights Management (DRM) in a DOCSIS media gateway.

“The XCode 5100 family, deployed with pioneering patented and proprietary technology, has truly set a new standard with its ability to process multiple high definition streams, and to do multiple concurrent operations on each of those streams”, said David Jones, VP Marketing & Business Development at ViXS.   “XCode 5100 family combined with XConnex MoCA products provide the ideal platform for manufacturers designing converged DOCSIS modem / gateway applications.”

ViXS XConnex 1030 MoCA® 2.0 SOC delivers 400+ Mbps data throughput over 16 nodes enabling distribution of multiple HD streams within the home. XConnex 1030 also supports 500 Mbps of throughput for two node Turbo mode with full backward interoperability to MoCA 1.1 devices and the ViXS XConnex 1020 and 1025 devices.  XConnex 1030 supports MoCA 2.0 power modes and advanced security features.  XConnex 1030 paired with ViXS’ XConnex 1000 MoCA 2.0 RF Transceiver with integrated LNA, Power Amplifier (PA) and Transmit/Receive (T/R) switch provides a robust high performance end-to-end MoCA 2.0 solution.

Some of the features for XCode 5191 include:

  • High level of concurrency allowing customers to enable whole home DVR; place-shifting; and content consumption on iPAD and other tablet devices.
  • Multi stream Real-time HD to HD transcoding and mirror transcoding, trans-wrapping, and transcryption of up to quad HD streams to serve multiple Internet Protocol (IP) based devices within the home.
  • Faster than real-time transcoding of stored content allowing the user to stream content from one source to another in a fraction of the time it takes to play this back real time from the stored media.
  • Ultra low latency for wireless and streaming applications within the home.
  • Advanced security processor architecture to enable security for leading digital rights management providers (DRM), Conditional Access providers (CA), and leading broadcast operators.
  • Supports concurrent 1080p60 encoding and transcoding.
  • Incorporates face detection algorithms for Video Conferencing & Surveillance applications
  • ViXS patented VQoS (video quality of service) implementation for maintaining video quality in bandwidth constrained networks.
  • Dedicated TCP/IP Processor Engine supporting Dual Gigabit Ethernet for high network performance.
  • Extensive peripheral suite including PCI-Express, multiple Serial ATA and USB peripherals.
  • ViXS Xtensiv™ Software Stack which allows customers faster time-to-market and greatly reduces required engineering resources.
  • 40 nanometer process node in flip chip technology.

ViXS Systems Inc. will be demonstrating to cable operators the latest in the connected home digital media processing and networking technologies at the CableLabs® Winter Conference in Philadelphia March 11 – 13.

“With the rapid growth in tablets, smartphones, and mobile devices, consumers are demanding anytime, anywhere entertainment on any smart device inside the home or outside the home. ViXS’ smart processors put the company firmly at the center of this new TV viewing experience,” said Sally Daub, President and CEO of ViXS Systems. “ViXS looks forward to demonstrating how its leading-edge technology enables a large portfolio of new advanced networked media devices, including: media gateways, advanced set top boxes, and streaming media and connectivity solutions.”

Transcoding, media processing and home networking are critical to maintaining a managed networked digital media revolution.  At the CableLabs Winter Conference, open only to CableLabs member companies and demonstrating vendors, ViXS will showcase its latest solutions to leading cable MSOs. The following demonstrations will be shown in ViXS’ private demo room:

  • XCode® 5195 with integrated MoCA:
    • Quad Full HD to Full HD Transcoder for DOCSIS Media Gateway platforms
    • Multiple concurrent operations including transcoding of quad HD streams, DLNA Premium video streaming to multiple clients, and transcryption
    • OTT and content mobility solutions to address seamless connectivity to iPADs, tablets and other connected media devices
    • Extremely low power operation
  • XCode® 4210 featuring a high level of concurrency including dual HD transcoding, dual HD decode, advanced networking, full HD resolution 3D TV and 3D graphics
    • Advanced Set-top Box Middleware demonstration
    • Blu-ray Player and Recorder
  • Media NAS Solutions
    • NAS Architecture Gateway DVR
    • Axentra HipServ NAS software
    • JetStream HD Media Streamer
  • MoCA Bridge and Integrated MoCA SOCs
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