23rd February 2012

Merchant Accounts Partners with McAfee

merchant accountsMerchant Accounts.ca, a Canadian provider of e-commerce based credit card processing services, and dedicated security technology company McAfee have partnered to provide a more secure online shopping experience for merchants and their customers. The partnership now offers Merchant Accounts.ca’s customers with an easy way to become PCI-compliant though McAfee® PCI Certification Service.

For over ten years, Merchant Accounts.ca has been providing customized payment processing solutions, specializing in multi-currency transaction processing. Merchant Accounts.ca enables business owners to process credit cards not just in Canadian and US dollars, but in many international currencies including EUR, GBP and AUD.

“We selected McAfee in order to provide our clients with access to McAfee’s trusted and robust PCI scanning. After researching the various PCI scanning options, McAfee has the most cost-effective and secure PCI services. With a premium online security brand, Merchant Accounts.ca customers can be assured of the highest possible level of support, so that merchants can get through the PCI compliance process smoothly and easily,” said David Goodale, CEO of Merchant Accounts.ca.

Acquiring banks require all businesses to handle credit card information in a secure manner to reduce their own financial and legal risk. In order to achieve this goal the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard was created (also known as PCI DSS). Every merchant that processes, accepts, or stores credit card information on their website must ensure that their business is PCI compliant. By doing this the business owner and the cardholder can be reassured that all cardholder information is handled safely when it is being transmitted and stored electronically.

As an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV), McAfee audits PCI Compliance for tens of thousands of business websites around the world. Their PCI Certification Service allows companies to quickly and easily complete the steps to achieve and maintain PCI compliance for their websites. The service includes a comprehensive PCI Wizard, security scanning which can be run quarterly or on demand as needed, and easy validation reporting.

After merchants complete the self-assessment questionnaire, McAfee performs a scan of the website to identify any vulnerabilities. If no vulnerabilities are found that violate the PCI standard, the website is certified as PCI compliant.

“McAfee offers a level of customer support that surpasses that offered by similar PCI scanning solutions. This was an instrumental factor in Merchant Accounts.ca decision to partner with them,” said Goodale.

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