20th January 2012

KrangGames Launches Eunaborb

krangGAMESEunaborb, a free to play Flash game created for Ludum Dare, is the latest creation from Vancouver indie developer KrangGames. The object of the game is to guide your space-marble-resembling Eunaborb through a series of intergalactic platforms . Players will need to reach the warp portal at the end of each level, working towards the final goal in order to save the universe. Similar to a mini-putt in space, the game’s mechanic requires the player to essentially pull the Eunaborbs across the screen towards each goal.

KrangGames has included a level editor in the game, which players can unlock for $4.99. Those who unlock theeunaborb editor will also gain the ability to browse levels created by other player as well as a few special bonus levels. With the unlocked level editor, players are able to create their own levels from scratch, using the exact same tools that krangGAMES used to build Eunaborb’s levels. The player can save up to three levels in the game itself, and can export/import a level code so players can share their creations. Players can submit their levels to krangGAMES for review, and every week ten outstanding player levels will be chosen and featured in-game.

For an additional $2.50, players can increase the number of available save slots from 4 to 12. Eunaborb also features an original musical score that is available for download.

Eunaborb Features:

  • over 100 campaign levels
  • a narrative storyline
  • over 60 Challenges (Achievements)
  • user-created content
  • player customization
  • cheats
  • unlockable secret levels


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