9th January 2012

CES Updates From ViXS Systems

vixsViXS Systems Inc. has announced the XConnex 1000, a high performance and highly integrated MoCA 2.0 Radio Frequency (RF) Transceiver.  ViXS XConnex 1000 extends its XConnex product line to address the next generation MoCA 2.0 specification and has been designed to meet the stringent requirements of the convergent broadband and broadcast industry.
The XConnex 1000 provides significant bill of material advantages over competitive stand alone and integrated RF transceiver solutions by integrating the Power Amplifier (PA), Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) and a Transmit/Receive (T/R) switch. The XConnex 1000 supports 425-1650MHz frequency range, MoCA Band A-D, Band E and Band F frequencies and specifications for transmission over existing coax infrastructure. The device co-exists with video and broadband services of Telco, cable and satellite service providers.

“The XConnex 1000 represents a double milestone for ViXS adding RF silicon and systems capability as well as our first MoCA 2.0 product to our portfolio”, said Sally Daub, President & CEO of ViXS.   “ViXS is an established leader in network media-processing and with the introduction of its first MoCA 2.0 product we are able to offer our customers a complete solution to address the next generation of whole home multimedia content distribution and processing including differentiated RF technologies”.

MoCA 2.0 offers higher throughput and improved power management to service providers as they transition to IP video networks and client/server architectures.  ViXS is committed to MoCA and the industry transition from MoCA 1 to MoCA 2.   ViXS will be demonstrating the XConnex 1000 together with other XConnex MoCA based solutions in its booth at CES 2012.

ViXS Systems also announced today that Sling Media Inc. has ported its next generation Slingbox technology to the ViXS XCode network media processor. This partnership makes the Slingbox Software Development Kit (SbSDK) available on XCode media processors to OEMs, pay television service operators, and software developers.

ViXS® provides an extensive portfolio of XCode media processor SOCs integrating transcoding, advanced media processing, security processing, transcryption and high performance networking.  Integration of Sling Media’s software on ViXS Xtensiv™ software stack offers a compelling turnkey solution for OEMs and operators for distribution of media content anywhere in the world. Sling’s technology in combination with leading transcoding technology from ViXS ensures excellent video quality on iPADs, tablets, PCs and smart phones anywhere in the world even in a bandwidth constrained network.

Sling Media’s Slingbox product and placeshifting technology has transformed the way consumers watch television – allowing anyone to watch their TV, anywhere in the world on any IP-connected device – PC, tablet or smartphone.  SlingPlayer software gives consumers complete control over their living room TV, by giving them the ability to control cable Set-top boxes, satellite Set-top boxes, Blu-Ray player, Blu-ray recorders, DVD players, DVD recorders, Digital Video Recorder (DVR), gaming systems, media servers and surveillance systems.

“We are pleased to be engaged with ViXS in a strategic partnership that combines the leading edge XCode multi-stream HD transcoding technologies with our next generation Sling-enabled products,” said Raghu Tarra, senior vice president and general manager at Sling Media. “High performance ViXS XCode SOCs will enable us to extend our reach and ecosystem with our software development kit, resulting in highly innovative products.”

“We are delighted to be partnering with Sling Media, a pioneer in place-shifting technologies”, said Sally Daub, President and CEO of ViXS Systems. “As consumers demand more access to their content anytime, OEMs and operators will benefit from Sling Media’s place-shifting technologies on ViXS SOCs.  Our combined platform will enable best in class media processing performance and highest video quality on the market today.”

Key features of the XCode processors include:

  • Highly concurrent multi-stream HD media processing engine
  • Dedicated network processor for high throughput network performance
  • Support for Over-the-top (OTT) video services and content
  • Compliant software stacks to support SlingLoaded and  “Digital Living Network Alliance®” (DLNA®) Digital Media Server (DMS) for streaming applications
  • Integration of a wide range of peripherals including: PCI Express, USB, SATA & Ethernet
  • Complete Xtensiv™ Software stack for quick time to market
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