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1st December 2011

Independent Studio All Are Kings Releases Debut Title

forerunnerWe Are Kings, an independent development team whose origins cover North America from Alaska to Mexico is pleased to announce the release of their debut title, Forerunner. The team, who originally met as students, gained development experience working contract gigs at game studios such as Relic and Electronic Arts before coming back together to create their first game. 

Forerunner is a fast-paced platform game for the iPhone, and is available as of today on the iTunes store for 99 forerunner ruinscents. The player must guide a lone runner across five diverse environments, running, jumping, and sliding past the many obstacles that lie in the path. The character is always moving forward. It’s up to the player’s quick reflexes to survive each level.The game comes with 6 levels and an endless “run-forever” mode for free.

It is the end of an age, and the world is in decline. Only the revitalizing power of the phoenix can make it new again. A lone runner is sent on a holy mission; to light the fires of 25 sacred shrines littered across the five lands. Only when all the fires are lit can the phoenix be summoned and the world remade.

“It’s like Aladdin meets the Olympics,” said one playtester.


• Five Unique, Colorful Environments
• 25 Challenging Levels
• Endless Run-Forever Mode
• 5 Original Songs
• Story
• Pick-up-and-Play game that is easy to learn, but difficult to master



• Jump – Tap
• Long Jump – Hold
• Air Jump – Tap while in the air
• Slide – Swipe
• Air Dive – Swipe while in the air

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