19th November 2011

NFB Holiday Gift Guide and Seasonal Programming

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National Film BoardThere are lots of gift ideas from The National Film Board, and new this holiday season is the NFB iPad App Advent Calendar (not yet available in the Canadian App Store), in which children and parents can discover new film titles daily as well as great classics, such as The Sweater, The Cat Came Back and Noël Noël. This digital calendar provides access to 25 films, unlocked one-a-day, and lots of surprises. The app will be available on iTunes for $1.

Also new for this holiday season, The NFB offers daily film downloads available at a special price—$1 per film! The program includes family films and some of NFB’s great classics such as The Sweater, Flamenco at 5:15, and Mon oncle Antoine. Check the NFB website daily from December 1 to 31 to find out what’s on!

DVD and Blu-Ray Box Set Releases are now available in the NFB Boutique, with special holiday pricing in effect until January 6, 2012.

Animation Express II – The NFB enriches the world of animation with unforgettable works, made by talented Animation Express 2artists in the spirit of creativity and innovation. The Animation Express II compilation presents the best of the 2009–2011 crop, created by filmmakers of diverse cultural origins, including such luminaries as Claude Cloutier, Nicolas Brault, Amanda Forbis, Wendy Tilby, Co Hoedeman, Georges Schwizgebel and Koji Yamamura. A selection of films that will delight audiences and take them into unexplored realms. From Annecy to Hiroshima by way of Berlin, 27 awards and 9 special mentions. $21.95

Animation Express II on Blu-Ray – The Blu-Ray version features an additional six films: Private Eyes (in 3D), The Barewolf, Nunavut Animation Lab: The Bear Facts, The Conquerors, Tying Your Own Shoes, and Yannick Nézet-Séguin: No Intermission. $24.95

Canada Vignettes: A Love Story – Together for the first time on DVD, these 36 vintage gems are from the NFB Canada Vignettes series, which touched a whole generation of Canadians who grew up watching them on television. Made in the late seventies and early eighties, these very short animated films and documentaries introduced us to different aspects of our country’s rich history and culture. Titles include Faces, Delta Plane, Log Driver’s Waltz, Trading Post, Fort Prince of Wales, Bill Miner, Roger Doucet, and Stunt Family. $14.95

Other DVD offerings:

Animation Greats – A compilation of eight favourite NFB animation shorts, including The Big Snit, Blackfly, The Cat Came Back, Get a Job, Getting Started, Juke-Bar, The Lump and Special Delivery. $14.95

Animation Greats Collection – 18 short films from the famous animation studios of the National Film Board of Canada! Among these classics are perennial favourites The Cat Came Back and The Big Snit, both Oscar® nominees, plus many more prize winners. $19.95

More Animation Greats – A compilation of 10 classic NFB animation shorts including Cactus Swing, La Salla, 64,000,000 Years Ago, Evolution, Hot Stuff, Every Dog’s Guide to Complete Home Safety, The Family that Dwelt Apart, The Dingles, The Old Lady’s Camping Trip, and Every Child. $14.95

Léon in Wintertime – Winter is harsh in the land of King Balthasar, especially if you’re Léon, an eight-year-old adopted bear suffering from an identity crisis. After the distraught cub runs away from home, a mischievous storyteller called Bonifacio sweet-talks him into performing on stage. Braving an ogre, the cold and the storm brewing in his heart, Léon travels far and wide. His courage eventually leads him back to his beekeeper parents. Pure, tender and as sweet as honey, this puppet animation is a delightful medieval tale. Léon is irresistible. $9.95

Norman McLaren: The Master’s Edition – The complete works of Norman McLaren, founder of the NFB’s Animation Studio. The NFB is proud to offer unparalleled access to the incomparable work of Norman McLaren with a box set of seven DVDs, bringing together the complete works of Canada’s best known filmmaker. Rediscover classics like Begone Dull Care (1949), Neighbours (1952), Blinkity Blank (1955), A Chairy Tale (1957), Le merle (1958), Pas de deux (1968) and Synchromy (1971). $69.95

RiP! A Remix Manifesto – Web activist and filmmaker Brett Gaylor explores issues of copyright in the information age, mashing up the media landscape of the 20th century and shattering the wall between users and producers. A participatory media experiment, from day one Brett shares his raw footage, for anyone to remix. This movie-as-mash-up method allows these remixes to become an integral part of the film. With RiP! A Remix Manifesto Gaylor and Girl Talk, a mash-up musician, sound an urgent alarm and draw the lines of battle. $17.95

Life With Murder – A documentary film by triple Emmy®-winning director John Kastner tells a remarkable story about a murder in the family. Features extensive chaptering and 6 additional informative scenes, including “Mason Jenkins and Prison Official Cathy Belanger”; “Trauma Psychologist Dr. William McDermott”; “Life Inside the Facility.” Also includes the Q&A with parents Brian and Leslie Jenkins and filmmaker John Kastner from the film’s Hot Docs World Premiere. $17.95

Buster Keaton Rides Again – Keaton rides across Canada on a railway scooter and, in between times, rests in a specially appointed passenger coach where he and Mrs. Keaton lived during their Canadian film assignment. This film is about how Buster Keaton made a Canadian travel film, The Railrodder. In this informal study the comedian regales the film crew with anecdotes of a lifetime in show business. Excerpts from his silent slapstick films are shown. Includes the movie The Railrodder. $9.95

Ryan: The Special Edition – This Oscar®-winning animated short from Chris Landreth is based on the life of Ryan Larkin, a Canadian animator, who produced some of the most influential animated films of his time. This DVD features Ryan and Alter Egos, the full-length documentary by Laurence Green about the two artists; plus earlier animated works by Chris Landreth (Bingo, The End), Ryan Larkin (Syrinx, Walking and Street Musique) and director’s commentaries by Chris Landreth, Ryan Larkin and Laurence Green. $12.95

Madame Tutli-Putli – This stop-motion animated film takes viewers on an exhilarating existential journey into the fully imagined, tactile world of Madame Tutli-Putli. As she travels alone on the night train, weighed down by all her earthly possessions and the ghosts of her past, she faces both the kindness and menace of strangers. Finding herself caught up in a desperate metaphysical adventure, adrift between real and imagined worlds, Madame Tutli-Putli confronts her demons. The bonus material provides insightful interviews with filmmakers Chris Lavis and Maciek Szczerbowski and producer Marcy Page that reveal the creative process behind a unique animated odyssey. $12.95

A Drummer’s Dream – John Walker’s documentary features a rare and unique assembly of some of the greatest drummers in the world. Explosive talent, passion, humour and irresistible personality come together in a magical setting when seven diverse drummers create a profound and unforgettable experience. $17.95

The Lumberfros – In Abitibi, far from the city, brush cutters go up North in large numbers. They are 21st-century lumberjacks. Filmmaker Stéphanie Lanthier spends an entire season living in remote logging camps to document the adventure of these workers of all ages and nationalities in the boreal forest. $16.95

The Dark Years – A three-part series of animated films about the Great Depression in Canada. Crafted into three hour-long programs, The Dark Years presents a multi-textured portrait of Canada at a pivotal moment in its history, shedding light into little-known corners of our past, while offering insight into our own interesting times. $29.95

Shining Mountains – Join Guy Clarkson—mountain guide, pilot and cinematographer—as he explores the natural wonders, cultural heritage and future of the Rockies. $24.95

Miracle Planet – Over its more than four billion-year history, the Earth has been the site of repeated and violent climactic changes, which have caused mass extinctions. And yet life has survived. In fact, these same catastrophes helped bring about the evolution of the simplest microbes into the complex and diverse life forms on the planet today. $34.95

Force of Nature: The David Suzuki Movie – Award-winning director Sturla Gunnarsson presents a biography of ideas featuring iconic Canadian scientist, educator, broadcaster and activist David Suzuki. At 73 years of age Suzuki delivered what he describes as “a last lecture—a distillation of my life and thoughts, my legacy, what I want to say before I die.” Gunnarsson interweaves this lecture with scenes from Suzuki’s life and lifetime—the major social, scientific, cultural and political events of the past 70 years. $17.95

St-Henri, the 26th of August – It is August 26—the first day of school—in St-Henri. Accompanied by a team of 16 directors, Shannon Walsh documents life in this community over a 24-hour period. The result is an urban chronicle that is at times funny, at times moving, yet always fascinating, revealing a truly eclectic neighbourhood. Shot cinéma-vérité-style, and set to music by Patrick Watson, this film brings together some of Montreal’s greatest documentary talents and pays homage to Hubert Aquin’s classic 1962 film À Saint-Henri le cinq septembre. $17.95

Mighty Jerome – From acclaimed filmmaker Charles Officer comes the story of the rise, fall and redemption of Harry Jerome, a track and field star and one of Canada’s greatest athletes. Gorgeous monochromatic imagery, impassioned interviews and astonishing archival footage are used to tell the compelling story of what Jerome’s coach, the legendary Bill Bowerman, called “the greatest comeback in track and field history.” $17.95

Best of the Best: DVD Package – A sampling of the National Film Board of Canada’s Academy Award®-winning or -nominated animation shorts, such as The Big Snit (Oscar® nominee 1985) and Special Delivery (Oscar® winner 1978). Features 29 films and includes: Best of the Best: Especially for Kids! (81:59), Best of the Best: Romantic Tales and Other Whimsical Relationships (97:14), Best of the Best: Strange Tales of the Imagination (89:57). $19.99

Best of the Best: Especially for Kids! – Enjoy many of the NFB’s Academy Award®-winning and Oscar®-nominated animation shorts for kids. Films included are: Every Child (Oscar® winner 1979) The Tender Tale of Cinderella Penguin (Oscar® nomination 1981), Blackfly (Oscar® nomination 1991), The Cat Came Back (Oscar® nomination 1988), The Sand Castle (Oscar® winner 1977), Evolution (Oscar® nomination 1971), Christmas Cracker (Oscar® nomination 1963), Monsieur Pointu (Oscar® nomination 1976) and as a bonus, The Owl Who Married a Goose (1974). $9.95

Leonard Maltin’s Animation Favorites from the National Film Board of Canada – A compilation of NFB films presented by on-camera host Leonard Maltin. Films included are Begone Dull Care, Mindscape, Canada Vignettes: Log Driver’s Waltz, The Cat Came Back, The Sweater, The Street, Pas de deux, and Anniversary/L’Anniversaire. $14.95

Noël Noël – A misguided billionaire, is in love with Beatrice, a pretty bespectacled fairy. But thanks to a little girl named Zoey; her dog, Snooze; and a blue-eyed reindeer, his eyes are finally opened. Enlivened by a humorous and rhyming narration from Leslie Nielsen, Noël Noël is an animated fantasy about Christmas, reminding us that happiness comes when the heart is allowed to speak. Bonus features include The Star Eater, Noël Noël Unwrapped (a behind-the-scenes look) and Noël Noël, the Soundtrack (creating the music). $12.95

Stories and Destinies – This compilation presents eight animated stories of remarkable range and sensitivity. It includes: Tragic Story with Happy Ending, Village of Idiots, Conte de quartier, Dehors novembre, When the Day Breaks, The Man Who Waited, Jeu and Through My Thick Glasses.

And the Winner Is… – This DVD compilation contains the most recent Academy Award®-winning and nominated films: The Danish Poet, Ryan, Hardwood and Strange Invaders. Bonus films (also prize winners): My Grandmother Ironed the King’s Shirts and Walking. $12.95

The Image Mill – A record of the landmark event celebrating Quebec City’s 400th anniversary. The spectacular 2008 video projection created by Robert Lepage and Ex Machina has been captured for posterity in this recording. Viewers are given a unique perspective on the massive project, celebrated the world over for its technical prowess and remarkable artistry. Bonus features include: a version with commentary by Robert Lepage, an annotated version, the documentary The Image Mill Revealed, an uncut interview with Robert Lepage and an uncut interview with René Lussier. $17.95

Molly in Springtime – It’s carnival in Balthasarville, and the scoundrel Bonifacio is scheming to overthrow Léon and become King Quack. But he’s outsmarted by Molly Gingerbread and her friend Hedgehog, who manage to save the townspeople Bonifacio has poisoned. This puppet animation by Pierre-Luc Granjon tells a medieval tale of treachery and love. $9.95

Animation Express – As it celebrates its 70th anniversary, the NFB comes steaming round an historic corner with Animation Express: The DVD Edition – a dazzling collection of recent work from its legendary animation unit. Featured are audacious masterworks such as the Genie-winning Sleeping Betty and the Oscar® nominee Madame Tutli-Putli, along with groundbreaking experimental shorts… and a party caboose of classic cartoons. The Blu-ray Edition offers an additional 13 titles, including The Danish Poet and Ryan. DVD $21.95. Blu-Ray $24.95

Hope Builders – A new teaching method is being tested in an elementary school in Quebec aimed at preparing the next generation of students to take up environmental challenges. Under the supervision of their teacher, students learn to identify, analyze and solve a problem that exists in their world. In doing so, they also learn about the uncertainty faced by those who want to change things. $14.95

Caroline Leaf: Out on a Limb – Hand-Crafted Cinema – This box set celebrating the talents of a master animator comprises all her classics: The Owl Who Married a Goose, The Street, The Metamorphosis of Mr. Samsa and Two Sisters, as well as Interview, made with Veronika Soul. The DVD includes a student film, an animated video made for MTV, a comprehensive biofilmography and a brand-new director’s commentary on Two Sisters. $17.95

Talespinners 1 & 2 – DVD Box Set – Talespinners is a vibrant collection of animated films for children age 5–9. Each short film is based on an acclaimed cross-cultural children’s story that will engage young viewers with appealing characters and dynamic storylines, while sparking their imaginations. $9.95

Denys Arcand 1962-1981 – The NFB brings together all the historical and political documentaries directed by the Oscar®-winning filmmaker of The Barbarian Invasions, Denys Arcand. This 4-disc box set includes three feature films and seven shorts made between 1962 and 1980 by the director of The Decline of the American Empire. Available in French only. $29.95

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