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15th July 2011

Branding Conference With A Twist Coming To Toronto

she's connectedThe She’s Connected Conference is taking place in Toronto this September 29th and 30th – but you can’t just buy tickets to attend. Instead, attendees are chosen for their digital reach and influence. Last year, 100 women were hand-picked to attend She’s Connected, which is for women who want to work with brands. This year, 200 women will be given tickets and the chance to meet with the people behind the brands.

In a quote on the event’s web site, Founder and CEO Donna Marie Antoniadis explained the philosophy behind She’s Connected, stating “we created the She’s Connected Network four-and-a-half years ago to help you connect with other women and organize your busy life. Now, we’re giving you an opportunity to increase your influence by building relationships with Brands face-to-face.”

The requirements for getting tickets is quite simple, with the basics being that  you are active across all major social networks and have established relationships with other influential women. In addition, you must also meet the following conditions:

  • You are a member of She’s Connected
  • You are Canadian
  • You are extremely active across all social media (Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • You post frequently on Blogs, Twitter and Facebook
  • You post high quality content
  • You are eager to work with Brands
  • You fit the target demographic our sponsors are looking for

The conference highlights the following opportunities for learning and networking:

  • How to work with digitally connected women: Approaches to maximize your relationships for social reach and benefit
  • Proper disclosure policies: Ensuring that you’re following best practices online to protect your brand
  • The best way to execute product posts and giveaways: Tips and tricks that digital women and brands can benefit from
  • Great interactive sessions with Brands & Women: A chance to get product information out there
  • Lots of networking: Building relationships that will move past the conference
  • Product display in exhibition area: Get products into women’s hands
  • Live tweeting and promotions: Your brand message will be included
  • Foursquare promotions: Drive traffic to your booth

Note that while those chosen to attend the conference are given free admittance, attendees are required to pay their own travel and hotel costs.

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