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22nd May 2011

New Version of Incident Monitor Available Now For Your Help Desk

monitor 24-7After months of consultative planning with customers, Toronto’s Monitor 24-7 Inc., creators of the award winning IncidentMonitor service desk software solution, are ready to announce the launch of IncidentMonitor version 9.2, featuring the same famous flexibility and functionality, but with new user interfaces and other user-identified features.

Monitor 24-7’s Marketing and Sales Director Riaz Mohammed says: “The new interfaces were designed directly from customer input. We received input from a wide cross-section of current and potential customers including general usability issues to “cool” features that will greatly simplify user interactions.”

IncidentMonitor has been chosen by customer-centric companies worldwide for its functionality, flexibility and price. The company also welcomes suggestions on how to make its product even better – which, in large part, guided the launch of the new release, notes Mohammed, “one of the biggest concerns was around request submission. The feedback we received showed that most vendors have not done a good job at simplifying the request submission interface. We listened to the feedback and provided a new request interface that provides a very simple yet powerful contact search, and built-in intelligence to automatically present possible resolutions from Knowledgebase (KB) articles and existing requests. Service Level Agreements and service policies are automatically linked and visible, and the customer has easy access to view all service policy details.”

In addition, IncidentMonitor’s technician view has been improved in the area of searches and sorting to quickly access requests. Request updates, assignment, resolution and approvals are all accessible by a single-click without losing advanced task-based updates. A configurable dashboard presents information required (such as team requests, category trends, project summary and My Open Requests) when the technician logs in. Performance improvements have also been implemented in the web interface, which now operates more like a Windows application. Multiple forms can be minimized and easily accessed within one browser window.

Features for End Users:

  • Single-click functionality allows screen captures, files copied to the clipboard and attachments to be easily linked to a new or existing request
  • Advanced web navigation features, which provide the flexibility of a Windows interface within the browser
  • Integrated chat that is accessed via predefined service items

Features for Technicians:

  • Wizard to allow tickets to be quickly and easily submitted with little or no agent training
  • Built-in intelligence to display KB articles and existing tickets that can resolve new issues
  • Automatic linking of service policies based on request information and easy access to linked service policy details
  • Robust grouping and sort capabilities to view and quickly access requests
  • Intuitive, single-click functionality to update, assign, approve and close requests
  • Advanced web navigation features, which provide the flexibility of a Windows interface within the browser
  • Automated solutions are presented to you immediately without the need to navigate to another window
  • Matching tickets come up as soon as you record the description of the issue
  • Work straight from a dashboard which will give you all the information you need. No need to search through multiple menus!
  • Personalization to define the way you want to work
  • Still includes “Today’s View”, but also includes insight into what you need to do tomorrow and into the future. One click to see your Future Requests
  • The ability to keep an eye on the progress of tickets, via your Personal Watch List
  • Unique drag and drop overviews can be set up the way you want to work! Do you want to have an overview on your future requests? Want to keep an eye on your requests with a Watch List?
  • Integrated chat. Technicians can assign a chat session to another technician, or conference in another technician to an existing chat session. All chat communication is automatically added to ticket at the end of the session.

If you are interested in learning more or to  view a demo of IncidentMonitor v9, please visit the demo information page.

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