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  • Boloco to Deploy MonkeyMedia Software to Drive Catering Revenue

20th May 2011

Boloco to Deploy MonkeyMedia Software to Drive Catering Revenue

monkeymedia softwareMonkeyMedia Software®, a provider of strategy, education and software services for multi-unit restaurant operators, today announced that Boloco will deploy MonkeyCatering™ and MonkeyOnlineOrdering™ to enable end-to-end visibility and control over the company’s catering business. Boloco is a Boston-based group of 17 restaurants located throughout New England that serve traditional and inspired burritos, bowls, salads, smoothies, and shakes using a blend of bold, inspiring and often unexpected ingredients. Every order is made to the specific wishes of each guest.

“The decision to work with MonkeyMedia Software was an easy one. Their catering software can be tailored to meet our specific requirements,” said Patrick Renna, CFO Boloco. “Additionally, they bring a single solution to facilitate each catering order from time of order to completion and payment, including follow up with our clients.”

MonkeyCatering will provide Boloco with many operations- and communications-enhancing features, including catering management, production and distribution management, integrated sales and marketing tools to help drive more catering business, and powerful, real-time reporting for better business intelligence. The scalability of MonkeyCatering will allow for seamless, continued integration into the restaurant’s kitchen operations as the franchise chain grows and expands their catering business. Specifically, Boloco will implement:

  • Online Ordering for Catering: Catering orders made online through MonkeyOnlineOrdering™ will directly integrate into Boloco’s MonkeyCatering™ solution, enabling the restaurant with a powerful, back-end system that can easily execute all catering operations. Using existing IT assets to integrate data, MonkeyCatering™ empowers each unit with valuable insight into business intelligence, including up-to-date sales figures, customer ordering behavior, promotional performance and other important data.
  • Winning Strategy and Educational Services: When Boloco chose to work with MonkeyMedia Software, they knew they weren’t just selecting a software provider. They were selecting a business partner. MonkeyMedia Software will work directly with Boloco’s corporate staff and catering managers to develop a winning strategy specifically designed for the restaurant’s catering business. MonkeyMedia Software is staffed with highly knowledgeable, industry veterans who know the catering business inside-out. They will equip each Boloco team with catering best practices and will be there every step of the way to assist with the software implementation and training.

In addition to eventually integrating with Boloco’s POS system, MonkeyMedia will integrate with other third party systems, including the restaurant’s solutions for credit cards, Boloco cards, accounting and above store reporting systems.

“Boloco has become a leader in the world of traditional and inspired burritos, and it is an honor that they chose MonkeyMedia Software to help manage their catering and delivery business,” said Erle Dardick, CEO, MonkeyMedia Software. “We will work closely with Boloco to ensure the implementation of MonkeyOnlineOrdering™ and MonkeyCatering™ is as seamless as possible, and that they successfully leverage the most innovative and catering-focused technology to increase efficiency throughout their catering operations.”

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