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17th May 2011

Artists Set to Create One Million Drawings On World Drawing Day

drawing day 2011As June 4th approaches, artists worldwide quietly sharpen their pencils in anticipation for Drawing Day 2011. In its fourth year, the event is set to infuse online art communities and social networking with one million drawings.

As social networking grows, artists have more power than ever to showcase their artwork with the world on Drawing Day 2011. The web is now the platform of choice for artists both amateur and professional to showcase their artistic skills. Websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, deviantART and a group of emerging online art communities are helping bring artists together for what is set to be the biggest worldwide drawing event ever. Artist and designer, Mick Gow and a small group of fellow artists had a vision almost 4 years ago to make some noise worldwide for the sake of art – and Drawing Day has been slowly growing ever since.

It’s quite possible that Drawing Day 2011 may reach that goal. “Social networking is more powerful than ever, and once the word spreads, artists will embrace the event,” says Gow. The event has already had a great start with a successful Drawing Day project on the popular fundraising website Kickstarter.com. “We launched our Kickstarter project to raise money for a book to document Drawing Day, and we hit that target pretty quickly,” he proudly adds. The book will showcase drawings submitted on Drawing Day and is part of what’s new with the event this year. The official event website showcases the official t-shirts, downloadable posters, and includes all the information anyone needs to participate.

It’s free and simple to participate and you can do so on your own, with a group of friends, or at your local school or community center. If you would like to participate at a local event and can’t find one, you can simply download a poster, post it on a notice board and organize to meet people in your community. All people need to do is arrive with a pencil and paper (or a computer if you’re a digital artist). Once you have completed your drawings, simply upload them to drawingday.org or to any of the participating websites listed.

Technology is definitely helping the Drawing Day mission. The website has created an online drawing application so people can draw directly on the website – and it works on an iPad. Since its launch, the iPad has been embraced by many artists as a digital and portable drawing tool. These artists are set to bridge the gap between traditional and digital methods of drawing and Drawing Day hopes to take advantage of this.

“Drawing Day is for everyone. You can draw using the latest technology, or use the event as an excuse to turn off the computer and spend time with family and friends using nothing more than paper and pencil,” says Gow. Whether you’re nine or ninety-nine years old, Drawing Day is hoping to remind people of the joy of drawing.

If you would like more information about Drawing Day 2011 or want to be involved either as an artist or to help promote the event, contact Mick Gow or visit the official event website.

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