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14th March 2011

Challenging Puzzle Game Codex Now On Windows Phone 7

Good Guy RobotsGood Guy Robots has released a Windows Phone 7 version of its mind-boggling puzzle game Codex. Available now in the Zune store. There is a free trial version with the full game available for 99 cents USD. Codex features 30 mind bending levels embellished by stunning visuals and a beautiful custom sound track.Codex for WP7

The objective of the game is to solve each puzzle in the fewest number of moves in order to earn medals. Solving a puzzle involves shifting rows and columns of scrambled tiles to match the puzzle key pattern. Each shift counts as a move until the puzzle is solved and the number of moves you make determines the kind of medal you earn – bronze, silver or gold. Finishing the puzzle in the fewest known moves earns you a gold medal.

I have the Xbox 360 version of Codex, and I have yet to make it through all of the puzzles. They are very challenging, and I used this game as a test on my parents, who have no interest in playing video games at all. It was interesting to note that my Mom picked up the mechanics of the controller faster than my Dad, but it was my Dad who completed the most puzzles. He likes puzzle games like those metal “get the ring off of these welded together pieces” puzzles you can buy in stores, I believe that if he had access to a 360 or owned a smartphone, he would be attempting this game when no one else was around.

Codex Level Select WP7The 360 version of Codex has been nominated in several categories for this year’s Canadian Video Game Awards, and while the developers are hesitant to say they deserve such nominations, I feel that the game is in fact innovative and can stand on its own merits. If you’d like to try the 360 version, there is a trial version and the full version is available in Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace for 80 MS Points.

Some standout features in the game are:

* Rotary dials for level selection is very satisfying on a touch screen device
* The Soundtrack is outstanding. Music was composed for the game by the following super talented artists:

o Westcoast Requiem – Terence Mazon and Ariana Bliek
o Illest Orchestra – Mr Famous (aka Ryan Bantog)

* Game can be played in any orientation portrait or landscape, the text will auto rotate with the option to lock a rotation in the settings.
* When you play your own music and launch the game it will display track/artist info in game.
* The game always starts at the last puzzle you attempted
* The tutorial on the first level purposely gives you the silver solution so that you can go back and try for gold. The player really understands how to play when they figure out how dumb the tutorial suggestion is for the last move.

You can also listen to your own music while you play the 360 version of Codex – the game’s background assets react to music, adding another level of visuals to the player experience. If you reset a puzzle, it doesn’t go back to the same one, you get a whole new puzzle to solve, which adds more to the replayability factor of the game. There is also a mood meter and a timer – all of which work in conjunction with the earning of medals. Even though Codex is essentially a single player game, it really does make a good party game when everyone gets in on the attempts to win gold medals – and every puzzle has more than one solution. You will need to channel your inner patience skills to make it through all of the levels. There is no rushing through Codex, and just so the rest of you can become addicted to this incredibly challenging game, it will be available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android in the near future.

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