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12th August 2009

IUGO To Pull A.D.D. Lite In Response to App Store Delays

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IUGOVancouver – In the midst of IUGO’s A.D.D. (Another Dumb Distraction) iPhone game of over 100 frantic and controversial mini games sitting in Apple’s review queue for almost 3 months, IUGO has decided to take down the Lite version of the game. “The idea, of course, was to have both apps launch around the same time” states Sarah Thomson, Director of IUGO A.D.D.Business Development for IUGO. “There is such a disparity in the release dates now that the Lite version holds no real purpose at this point.” IUGO has even gone on to suggest that they most likely will not release the Lite version again, even if and when the full version launches on the App Store.

So what is the fate of A.D.D.? “We’ve received 3 identical emails from Apple stating the game is taking an unusually long time to review and that they apologize. That’s all we know. It seems the game is neither rejected nor has it been approved,” says Sarah. She goes onto to explain their thoughts on the substantial delay, “Sure we’re frustrated and wish we’d hear either way. If the content is too hot then we’re happy to go back in and re-work it,” suggests Thomson.

“But, we knew going into this app review that there was a chance that Apple would be a little shaky on the content,” admits Sarah. “I think though for us it was more of the notion of it getting rejected that we had considered, not the game sitting in no-man’s land for this long. At least with it being rejected we have the chance to make changes and resubmit. Right now there’s nothing we can do.”

IUGO remains hopeful that A.D.D. will soon see the light of day. “We have had great support from Apple on all of our other titles so that we are very thankful for,” Sarah elaborates. “We trust that Apple will come to a decision in the near future and everyone will see what a hoot this app is!” A.D.D. Lite will disappear from the App Store soon.

A.D.D. Lite is rated 12+ on the App Store’s rating system.

Editor’s Note: We have our copy of A.D.D. Lite, we highly recommend you grab it before it’s gone!

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