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25th March 2009

Delvinia shares insights that uncover and understand the nuances of Canadian consumers

Delvinia InteractiveToronto – Today, Delvinia has launched the first in a series of published insights that will help understand the digital behaviours and attitudes of Canadian consumers. The insights, driven by their proprietary Insight Engine will give a breadth and depth of understanding, that until now, not offered by digital marketing services firms.

“Given the economic slowdown of recent months, Delvinia recognizes the need to provide a tool that would uncover and understand what drives consumers,” said Adam Froman, President and CEO of Delvinia Group of Companies. “The insights can then be harnessed to create meaningful digital customer experiences that will engage and are relevant to various Canadian demographic groups across a number of consumer sectors. The data uncovered can be a real eye-opener.”

The first insights that Delvinia is releasing looks at two important consumer segments that warrant understanding and continue to represent a great deal of spend potential: Baby Boomers, those aged 45 to 65, and adults who Don Tapscott referred to as the Net Generation (NGen), classified as young, tech-savvy adults between the ages of 18 and 30.

With their proprietary Insight Engine, Delvinia is able to gather and analyze the consumer perspective on a variety of issues and even tailor it for companies. With the release of Boomers and the Net Generation, Delvinia is able to demonstrate its depth of understanding of the digital behaviours of Canadians.

“While both of these consumer groups are known for their lucrative potential and are somewhat understood, Delvinia’s insights dig deeper and provide an understanding of the similarities and differences between the two groups in terms of their relationship with digital technologies and beyond,” said Julianne Smola, Director Strategic Development who leads Delvinia’s insight practice. “This understanding, along with the importance we place on an insight-driven approach and the access that we have to consumer insights through our tools is what sets us apart from other digital agencies and can give a company an edge over their competitors in today’s challenging economy.”

Delvinia’s Insight Engine is continually updated through quarterly and adhoc profiling surveys through its AskingCanadians™ online panel. A sample of more than 2,500 regionally and demographically representative responses of Boomers and NGeners who participated in the research forms the Boomers and Net Generation insights summary . The following three categories were studied:

  1. Purchase cycle preferences
  2. Banking behaviours
  3. Technology ownership

Interesting results were uncovered, such as the difference between Boomers and NGeners’ behaviour regarding pre-purchase research, especially when the item in question is considered financially or personally sensitive. Also, while more than 65 per cent of NGeners own gaming consoles, more than 60 per cent of Boomers neither own nor plan to purchase them. Interestingly, female Boomers outnumber their male counterparts by five per cent when it comes to owning gaming consoles.

“The insights uncovered among Boomers and the NGen provide relevant Canadian-specific data that can be leveraged by firms looking to provide engaging digital customer experiences among these groups,” said Froman. “In the coming months, you can expect our insight topics to dig into hot topics such as social networking, mobile behaviour and attitudes towards advertising.”

Delvinia’s interactive design division, Delvinia Interactive, focuses on creating and integrating insight-driven Digital Customer Experiences within the context of the total customer experience. And it’s Delvinia’s proprietary insight tools – their AskingCanadians™ consumer research panel and their Insight Engine of consumer attitudes and behaviours – that allow them to keep a finger on the pulse of the needs and behaviours of Boomers, NGen, and other Canadian consumer groups.

Future insights planned to be released include:

  • Social networking and attitudes towards personal information sharing
  • Accessibility, online behaviour and attitudes towards advertising
  • Mobile Behaviour

To download Delvinia Interactive’s complete Boomers and the Net Generation insight summary, visit www.delvinia.com/insight.

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