11th March 2009

Psyko Audio Takes Headphone Market by Storm

PsykoCalgaryPsyko Audio Labs Inc. of Calgary will use a $975,000 investment by AVAC Ltd. to enhance an international marketing campaign to let gamers know how they can buy a set of the AVAC Ltdrevolutionary 3-D-sound headphones that won first place at the world’s largest consumer electronic tradeshow held in Las Vegas in early 2009.

“The Psyko 5.1 headphones deliver precision directional audio through a patent pending technology that provides a sound-surround experience that gamers would call the ‘perfect room,” says James Psyko 5.1Hildebrandt, Psyko founder, CEO and Head Psyko. “There is absolutely nothing else like them on the market. That’s why our headphones won first place in the headphone category at the Vegas show and were a finalist in the game category. We went to the largest consumer electronics trade show in the world and won two top awards. It is like a rookie going to the World Series and hitting two home runs. Lots of people tested our headphones at the show and that produced a ton of positive reviews and videos on all the major tech web sites. We were already taking orders through our web site, but news of the tradeshow win has attracted a lot of new attention.”

“AVAC’s investment will help Psyko turn that attention into sales – and new investment,” says Ross Bricker, AVAC President and CEO. A private, not-for-profit Alberta company that invests in promising early-stage businesses that expand value-added industry in Alberta. Created in 1997, with the support of the Alberta and Canadian Governments, AVAC has been able to invest in and provide guidance to 110 early-stage companies who have reported over $325 million in aggregate projectrelated sales to date.

AVAC’s investment in Psyko Audio is one of 18 Capacity Builder Program investments made
to date. As part of its strategic focus, AVAC is able to provide investment and guidance to pre-commercial and early-stage Alberta companies in the value-added agribusiness, ICT, life sciences and other industrial sectors, says Bricker. “Start-up companies always need to prove themselves and having AVAC on board is critical to our success moving forward because it shows we met their expectations. AVAC investment will make it easier for us to attract more investment – especially since the marketplace is already so excited about our product,” notes Hildebrandt.

The headphones, which retail for US$299 on the Psyko website, will reach their first buyers in
May. Elite gamers say the headphones represent a quantum leap forward in headphone technology, with 3-D sound improving game play through better positional awareness and reaction time. Psyko plans to immediately increase sales through complimentary web site linkages and etailers. The headphones will eventually be available in electronics stores frequented by avid gamers.

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