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25th November 2008

Tritone Launches CourseWatch 2.0 Offering Customizable Music Education Content

Vancouver Tritone has released the newest version of CourseWatch, Tritone’s course management system. A significant upgrade to the current product line, CourseWatch 2.0 was created in conjunction with the University of New Brunswick Faculty of Computer Science.

Tritone Music Education Systems, located in Vancouver, British Columbia is an innovator and developer of online music education services, applications and technology software. Tritone is a pioneer in e-learning music education solutions for public schools and distance education.

Garnett MacMullin , President of Tritone: “CW 2.0 (CourseWatch 2.0) reaches another milestone for Tritone in improving online music education. CourseWatch is tailored for online delivery and hosting interactive multimedia educational content. The system returns an immediate response to the student and tracks all learning activities for the teachers. Tightly integrated with the Javatrax keyboard interface, CourseWatch retains the student’s activities as part of the reporting system for immediate review or playback”.

Brad Nickerson, Professor of Computer Science at UNB: “Working with Tritone has been very interesting. Tritone’s web-based music education system is world-class, and they have solved the tough problem of synchronizing the audio part of played music with it’s graphical display inside a web interface. Our contribution to CourseWatch 2.0 has been mainly on improving the database and “back-end” systems used to keep track of thousands of students enrolled in Tritone music education
programs. The database even tracks the music played by the students so both students and teachers can clearly see (and hear) progress and areas needing improvement. These students are in many different K-12 school systems, which gives rise to a variety of marking schemes and policies for evaluating student progress. UNB is very pleased to have contributed to the development of the robust, highly efficient web-based system called CourseWatch 2.0. While CW 2.0 is now being used for K-12 music education, it is designed to be easily adapted to the administration of other web-based education systems.”

With the technical advancements in the new phase of CourseWatch development, Tritone is able to offer customized interactive content to thousands of students simultaneously. Tritone’s holistic content approach can now be edited to fit the desired grade learning standards and outcomes. Tritone
learning modules cover all types of music learning: theory, performance, note reading, ear training, creativity and arrangement, history, appreciation and interpretation,and more. The system can track key areas providing customized reports which can then be exported to second party databases.
This provides our clients the ability to integrate CourseWatch into their existing framework. Students, teachers and administrators can remotely monitor student performance by classroom and location.

Organizations are facing the challenge of managing increasing amounts of information, along with new legal regulations that require them to retain data for longer than ever before. To solve this problem, CourseWatch software enables Tritone to archive information, allowing our clients to search and retrieve critical database information in a timely manner.

Garnett MacMullin: “Music is very subjective and interpretative by nature and providing a consistent presentation of standardized educational content across a large audience is challenging. CW 2.0 helps users ensure the course content is being covered, better manages student and teacher time,
connects across network boundaries, and takes advantage of a broad set of new capabilities for delivering content and sharing information.”

Tritone Music Series is available for trial access by emailing info[at]tritone.net or completing the inquiry form on their web site. You can also see a “Live Demonstration” in Tritone’s webinar

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