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19th September 2008

DreamCatcher Signs War Leaders: Clash of Nations for Windows in North America

September 19, 2008 (Toronto, CANADA): DreamCatcher Games, a leading publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment software, today announced they have signed one of the most complete World War II games ever, War Leaders: Clash of Nations for Windows® for release in North America in October, 2008 for a suggested retail price of $39.99USD.

War Leaders: Clash of Nations, developed by Enigma Software is a unique combination of turn-based global management and Real-Time Strategy (RTS) where players will assume the role of one of the seven most important characters of WWII and be granted the power to control and manage all the main aspects of a massive war effort.

“War Leaders: Clash of Nations does a fantastic job of a creating a historical accuracy of WWII,” said Brian Gladman, Global Product Manager at DreamCatcher Games. “Not only does this game provide a full representation of historic and prototype units for each country, but players get to dive right into the roles of real WWII personalities, such as Roosevelt, Mussolini, Hitler, and Churchill.”

The title offers a variety of game modes, including Campaign, Multiplayer, RTS battles and more with 41 different maps available in RTS mode with vast and detailed scenarios. “Players can bet on countless hours of gameplay, the combination of Manager and RTS mode really adds substance to this title,” said Gladman. “We expect War Leaders: Clash of Nations to be a stand out addition to a successful genre in PC gaming.”

Immerse yourself in a beautiful 3D strategy game where your efforts can truly change the course of history.

Full Game Details:

War Leaders: Clash of Nations has an advanced Manager system of turns, permitting a range of actions from recruitment of armies and development of technologies to the formation of trade and diplomatic agreements. The game also features spectacular real time battles (RTS) with hundreds of highly detailed, real units in incredible scenery that covers the geography of the whole world. All this is possible thanks to the implementation of the most innovative game mechanism through which the user can experience the drama of battle in its purest form. A unique way of having two games in one, combined and interacting to provide a never before seen experience in strategy gaming.

The aspects that best define the experience of playing War Leaders: Clash of Nations are also unique. Some of the most outstanding are:

  1. Faithfully represented historic leaders involved in the conflict: Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin, Mussolini, De Gaulle, Tojo and, of course, Hitler.
  2. Perfect interaction between Manager and RTS.
  3. Global war with all types of units, the seven main factions, along with thirteen belligerent nations and all the neutral nations.
  4. An RTS battle system capable of representing hundreds of units in enormous scenes with arcade and tactical game mechanisms never before seen in this genre.
  5. Powerful graphics and visual effects, along with the best in Artificial Intelligence.
  6. Total level of destruction and interaction with the scenery.
  7. Multiplayer mode in both Campaign (up to seven players) and Battle mode (up to four players at once).

By playing War Leaders: Clash of Nations you can experience the power of changing the course of Second World War history. This is possible thanks to the complete freedom of action within the game and is visualized and narrated via a system of news clips from the era which reports the most relevant events, adapting history to an alternative reality generated by the player.

The characteristics of War Leaders: Clash of Nations are numerous and attractive thus generating a wide range of possibilities for the player. These are just some of the figures from the game:

  1. 7 Factions playable with their real leaders: Germany, USSR, UK, USA, France, Italy and Japan.
  2. 3 Single player game modes: Campaign, quick battle and custom battle (deathmatch, cooperative or kill the general).
  3. 2 Multiplayer game modes: Campaign and personalised battle (every man for himself, cooperative or kill the general).
  4. 57 Battlefields throughout the world with 5 different environments.
  5. More than 250 types of units realistically recreated to the maximum detail.
  6. More than 100 different buildings and more than 300 different scenery elements, to create the best atmosphere possible.
  7. 175 controllable territories throughout the world.
  8. More than 40 real technologies to be discovered.
  9. 35 famous generals from the Second World War in the game.
  10. 3 levels of historical rigor in the Campaign mode.
  11. Up to 7 players online in Campaign mode and up to 4 players in Battle mode.

All these numbers will not frighten the casual player as the game has been designed with them, as well as the more experienced gamers, in mind from the very beginning. As a result, War Leaders: Clash of Nations offers a multitude of configuration options, automation options, levels of difficulty, help, the possibility of playing battles only, management only or both and, of course, tutorials for both Campaign and Battle modes.

It is convenient to differentiate between both parts of the game as, without their effective convergence, they could be considered two completely different games each with a multitude of characteristics:

Campaign mode characteristics:

  1. Control of resources, economy and trade.
  2. Technology research.
  3. Construction of military units and buildings.
  4. Diplomacy via direct dealings with leaders from other factions.
  5. Control of spies on sabotage, incitation of revolution and assassination missions.
  6. Aerial and naval operations.
  7. Perfect integration in every confrontation with RTS battles, which in turn determine the course taken by the campaign.

Virtues of the Battle mode:

  1. Perfect integration in every confrontation generated in the Campaign, adapting the battle to each army’s situation and their position on the globe.
  2. Environments: humid, desert, snowy, tropical and capital cities.
  3. Land, naval and aerial units.
  4. Control of units via AI controlled generals.
  5. Combat formations.
  6. Interaction with buildings, bunkers and supply points.
  7. A great number of different actions according to the type of unit.
  8. Climatological effects.
  9. Visually spectacular battles with a surprising level of detail.

War Leaders: Clash of Nations uses the most up to date version of the graphics engine “ARKANO 3D” developed by Enigma SP, which provides some notable technical characteristics:

  1. FPS quality (unit detail, normal & specular maps).
  2. Total level of destruction with changeable terrain.
  3. Enormous battle scenes specialised for RTS gaming.
  4. Camera versatility with the ability to follow aerial units and use binoculars.
  5. Dynamic light cycles with auto-projected shading.
  6. Realistic vegetation, physics, bloom, HDR, particle systems and advanced water effects, dynamic clouds system etc

Recommended Hardware Specifications:

Windows 2000/ME/XP/Vista
DirectX v9.0c
Pentium 4 2.4GHz (or equivalent)
3D Graphics Card: NVIDIA FX7600 or ATI X1600 or similar, 256Mb
1GB ram
Sound Card with 5.1

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