17th June 2008

Ancient Quest of Saqqarah

Final Verdict: Addictive

Developer: Codeminion
Demo: 60 minute trial
Platform: PC
Genre: Casual Match 3 Puzzle
Official Game Site: Saqqarah – note, parts are still under development
Price: $19.95 USD instant download 26mb

System Requirements:

OS: Windows Vista/XP/2000/ME/98
CPU: 800 Mhz
RAM: 256 MB
Hard Drive: 45 MB
Graphics: DirectX 8
Sound Card

All Screenshots in this review are the property of and copyright to Codeminion.

Saqqarah Menu

Saqqarah is a truly beautiful game – the amount of detail the designers have put into the UI and levels for this game is incredible. Everything about Saqqarah is pleasing to the senses – the soundtrack is very fitting for the setting of the game, and is actually something I could listen to all on its own. The puzzles are challenging without being impossible, and the methodology used to solve them is easy to learn. The characters in the game are helpful and amusing – I love how the little scarab rests against a pillar in between levels. You can even learn little bits about Egypt’s past throughout the game.


The game begins with a brief cinematic – this is another thing that I like about Saqqarah – players are given the option of skipping all cinematics if they so choose, but they are so well done, I watched them all. The purpose of the game is to help Khufu restore the power of the Egyptian gods, which you do by completing all of the puzzles. Khufu is a magical blue monkey who assists players throughout the game. He offers tips, some magical power-ups and a few jokes too.

saqqarah_bonusgameplay2 The Quest of Saqqarah takes you through the seven temples of the gods and goddesses – Isis, Horus, Bast, Anubis, Thot, Osiris and Sobek. Once you complete the first four levels and the bonus game you are given a key to unlock the next temple. You can come back to the other temples at any time. When you enter each temple, you learn about the god or goddess who resides there. Each temple holds a different style of match 3 puzzle. Some may take a little time to figure out, but they are not impossible to learn. Sweeper the Scarab also helps you out during gameplay by gathering up token pieces and increasing your “shuffle power” which can be used to shuffle the tokens as well break token obstacles.


There are several player achievements to win along the way as well, such as coin collecting, destroying puzzle obstacles, high scores, completing a certain number of puzzles in a row without running out of time, and more. With 7 different puzzle styles, 3 levels of difficulty and 500 puzzle maps, this game is very much worth the purchase price. There will also be further downloadable levels and add-ons for Saqqarah in the future, adding to the value of this game.

saqqarah_thumb2 If you do get stuck, Khufu is there to offer hints and encouragement. Upon completion of each stage within a temple, you need to catch the scarabs to harness their power in order to restore the statutes. The statue is fully restored when you complete all of the puzzles within each respective temple.  The Ancient Quest of Saqqarah is destined to be another winning title for Codeminion – well done!

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