20th September 2013

All New Collaborative Event In The Secret World

funcomFuncom‘s The Secret World is offering its players a new chain of events called The Whispering Tide. In these events the whole community joins together to fight the Filth invasion in the hollow earth – Agartha. The first event in this chain starts today, Friday the 20th of September, and lasts until the players have overcome the new challenge by beating back the Filth’s attack. As the players work together they unlock more new content and rewards.

Those who inhabit The Secret World will see the effects of the Filth as a new Agartha portal gets infected. Before the players can battle the Filth creatures within this portal many resources must be gathered by the community and put to the right use. Only then will a brand new area of Agartha open up and what lies beyond can be explored.  This is still only the beginning of a long string of events which will run until access to Tokyo has been achieved. The events will escalate as the battle between the players and the Filth grows more and more ferocious.

The more each player contributes to the struggle the more they will be rewarded and the more success the community will have.  More and more rewards will become available as the events progress, and they will include many unique treasures, such as clothing, outfits, powerful gear and a pet. The Whispering Tide will escalate in the coming months. As new content becomes unlocked the events offers greater and greater challenges, requiring more and more players to fight together. In the event’s its final chapter the players must band together in a massive battle against a brutal foe. If the players are successful in this struggle they will gain access to the brand new area of Tokyo.

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