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8th July 2013

Girth Music Launches Innovative Search Engine Connecting Emotions To Music

girth musicFeel like searching music to match an emotion? Ever want to program a playlist or find a song to fill an edgy, sweet, inspirational moment in a television show or ad campaign? Toronto’s Girth Music, a division of the Emmy Award winning EggPlant Collective has just launched a new music application called The Discovery Wheel, which lets you search and classify music by an emotion.  This is a new music generating innovation, and there is nothing like it in the digital or entertainment marketplace. Search, listen, collaborate, experiment and experience music a whole new way.

The Discovery Wheel, an always curated database of 700 songs, pulled from Girth Music’s full database of over 10,000 songs, is designed to help music supervisors, music editors, television producers and music lovers find songs which fit their emotions. With over twelve emotional differentiators including: energetic, organic, sweet, inspirational, sentimental, moody, quirky, heavy, campy, and edgy, there is something for every moment. A song for everyone, every ad, every show and every moment.

“Everyone has their own level of what they’d classify as rock to punk rock to hard rock,” says Adam Damelin, partner, Girth Music.  “They connect to these categories based on how they feel when listening.  Our search engine allows people to search and experience music with their feelings, which is a brand new way of searching music.”

Each search accessed on The Discovery Wheel can customize up to three blended emotion categories (i.e. sweet, campy, and emotional).  Once searched, a customized playlist of songs appears, which includes details on the artist (name, country etc.) and song details (name, length, number of beats) plus a thirty second sound bite. The searcher can funnel through all the tracks and save songs to download later by pressing the heart at the top of the wheel. This saves time and gives you an idea of the sound and emotion to fit your needs.   The songs can also be shared on social media – you can post to Facebook and Twitter – to help gain awareness of songs you like.  As well as the wheel, the team of Girth Music supervisors (who are experts in their field), are available to assist anyone with their searches or inquiries. A user can download a song and place it behind their video clip to see how the song feels against the background. Each song is free to download to test out, but licensing costs vary for commercial use.

“Our Discovery Wheel is unique,” says Adam Damelin, partner, Girth Music.  “We wanted to create a database of music which lets people connect and search music in a new way.”

Ninety per cent of the database is composed of independent artists, 60 per cent of which are Canadian. All artists are represented by Girth Music in the commercial space and can be licensed, edited and produced for an ad, film, television show, video game or new media project.  Some of the songs used in the past have included: Mary Mind’s “When You Call” in an Ikea commercial, the Graffiti6 song “Stare into the Sun” in the Bell Olympics commercial and Wreckless Eric’s song “Whole New World” for a McDonald’s commercial.

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  1. Tami Quiring (@VillageGamer)
    4:30 am on July 8th, 2013

    .@girthmusic Launches Innovative Search Engine Connecting Emotions To Music http://t.co/uK4Lpp5cAn #eyeoncanada

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