7th January 2013

Minions March On KickStarter

mini-orbyBurnaby’s Once Over Productions has launched a $10 000.00 KickStarter campaign to further the development of its PC/Mac title Minion March. As a Keeper of the Underworld, it is the Player’s objective to prevent minions from escaping. The minions may have the advantage of numbers, defensive powers and dimwitted determination but you have unlimited mobility, powerful attacks and support from sentient environments.

A Shift in the Defense Genre – Minion March takes the focus off of building defenses and empowers the player with freedom of movement. One of our favorite aspects of the genre is making a super powered blockade to hold back a tide of enemies. In Minion March, you can create a shifting blockade, hunt for the best choke points, or just cause chaos!

Off the Rails – In most defense games, enemies are locked onto a ‘path’ which they travel across to exit the level. No locking here. Knocking enemies off of the path and into the hazardous environments is the fast track to success (and fun)! Minion March spans across many environments, ranging from carnivorous forests, lava caverns, across the rivers of the underworld and more.

Tools for the Job – There are 5 playable characters packed full of unique and customizable abilities. Each spell players can cast are meant to not only have a specific use within the world, but are a blast in and of themselves. We know how good it can feel to watch screen-clearing chain reactions unfold, discover a new use for your favorite ability, and see enemies flee in fear from a particularly crazy combo. Minion March provides all of the above.

Hazardous Working Conditions – Much of the time spent in Minion March will be using the environments in surprising ways against the minions. Not only can they sent falling into endless pits, pools of acid, and maws of gigantic creatures, but doing those very things allows you to control pieces of the environment to cause even more destruction.

Who’s in Charge? – In addition to a large cast of minions for your soul snatching pleasure, Minion March comes packing the boss fights as well. Not only are they ‘large and in charge’ as bosses should be, but each one has light puzzle elements to provide a challenge appropriate of their position.

Once the studio is ready for testing, Backers who are part of the Beta (PC Only) will:

  • Have access to Beta builds. Stay up to date with latest test builds.
  • Impact the final product. Not only will we be thrilled to have your feedback on specific content, but we will provide you with the means to make suggestions on in-development or completely new features. Have a great idea for an enemy? We would love to hear it.
  • See the game develop. Curious about how games are made? Check it out from the ground level.
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  1. Tami Quiring (@VillageGamer)
    11:07 pm on January 6th, 2013

    Minions March On KickStarter http://t.co/9XvnYSBz

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