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14th September 2012

qwica interactive Enables Park Benches to Inform and Engage

qwica InteractiveHalf of mobile phone users in North America today have smartphones, and that number is quickly growing. Canadian tech startup qwica interactive, a Langley-based company, is capitalizing on the rapidly emerging trend of seamless information gathering utilizing smartphones and scannable barcodes called QR codes. The qwica system simplifies the creation and management of mobile-optimized web pages for customers and provides complete solutions for long-term and outdoor applications. qwica allows users to quickly access information and interactive content—even in multiple languages—by scanning a qwica code on a bench, sign or other object with a smartphone camera.
qwica interactive is proud to partner with Behrends, a top quality custom signage foundry, to reinvent bronze plaques by adding QR codes linked to qwica pages. Whether marking a significant location or item for a museum, commemorating a person or event with a memorial, or delineating points of interest within a community, these durable plaques combine timeless elegance with online mobile technology to provide immediate access to content such as text, images, professionally-voiced audio, links, maps, and even video; all enhanced for a variety of mobile devices. A qwica plaque would allow people to read—or actually hear—about an important person or historic place, and see some pictures, all on their smartphones.

qwica interactive is also pleased to partner with Aldergrove-based Wishbone Site Furnishings, an innovative manufacturer of municipal-grade benches and outdoor furniture from recycled materials. Together they redefine the park bench, enhancing it with coded plaques or tags installed at manufacture or added in the field. Wishbone benches become virtual tour guides to promote a community through spoken anecdotes, stories and pictures, providing smartphone users with new ways to appreciate and interact with a park or historic area. John Jansen, Wishbone’s president, states, “The qwica code on our site furnishings provides a way to attract the under 30 crowd. It’s an excellent tool to get them to learn more about an area or the people memorialized on our park benches.”

Other applications for the qwica service include business or product information. Through a qwica code on a sign or business card, a company can provide its corporate overview and contact information, while being on the cutting edge of mobile technology and meeting clients in a whole new way. A product label can lead potential customers to interactive information at the point of sale and engage them with content designed for their device. An advertisement can continue the conversation exactly when interest is sparked.

qwica interactive takes care of setting up and maintaining the webpages, allowing customers to quickly make mobile-capable information accessible where it is needed, without complex redesigns of their own website. By emphasizing quality, focusing on usability and addressing problems often overlooked with QR code implementations, qwica interactive optimizes the experience for users, streamlines the process for customers, and ensures ongoing compatibility as devices and technologies evolve.

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  1. Tami Quiring (@VillageGamer)
    4:51 am on September 14th, 2012

    Langley’s qwica interactive Enables Park Benches to Inform and Engage http://t.co/MndXKen1

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