19th March 2012

Brampton Comic Shop Backs the X-Men

mini-orbyAt a packed press conference at Shoppers World Mall earlier today, local comic shop Stadium Comics announced their intentions to side with the X-Men during the upcoming Avengers vs. X-Men comic book event which begins in April. Avengers vs. X-Men sees some of the world’s greatest superheroes going against each other over the arrival of the powerful Phoenix Force, which many believe will seek out Hope Summers as its new host.

Reporters, members of government, and the public had been waiting for several weeks to hear where the employees of the popular Brampton comic shop would place their allegiances. When Kevin Hickey, co-owner of Stadium, announced intentions to back the X-Men, applause could be heard in the room.

“We believe the X-Men are best equipped to deal with the safety and stewardship of Miss Summers, as well as the potential dangers that may accompany the arrival of the Phoenix Force”, Hickey said at the press conference. “As well the Avengers do not speak for this world, and we are tired of them imposing their will and judgement on other nations, humanity, and mutant kind.”

The press conference ended abruptly once it was made known by a reporter that Brian Michael Bendis would be writing X-Men in the future. This caught the employees of Stadium off-guard, as their decision to back the X-Men seemed to be somewhat rooted in a preference for books not written by Bendis.

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Stadium Comics also announced an Avengers vs. X-Men launch party that will take place on Tuesday April 3rd at 6pm. The event will feature the release of Avengers vs. X-Men #1 a day early, exclusive Avengers vs. X-Men #1 variants, giveaways such as posters and pins, and comic artists to sketch on blank covers for customers.

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