8th March 2012

OpenText Enhances Online Marketing Solution

Open TextOpenText™  has announced enhancements to the OpenText Online Marketing solution that helps marketing organizations transform ordinary Web sites into dynamic, exceptional customer experiences across Web, social, mobile, print and more. The new capabilities in OpenText Web Experience Management pave the road to new customers, boost loyalty among existing customers, and demonstrate the value of digital marketing efforts.

The days are long gone when marketers could count on an email campaign, and a basic corporate website to drive results. Today’s media campaigns must deal with the complexity of an engaged, always on, always connected society with an ever-cautious eye on customer experience, brand consistency and governance.

“Increasingly, companies are making it an imperative to not only understand expectations that customers have of their brand, but also deliver on those brand expectations through all of the different channels,” said Forrester Research, Inc. (excerpted from Empower Customers by Transforming Business Process, A Roundtable Discussion with Forrester Analysts August 4, 2011, by Forrester Research, Inc.) “Customers are on the empowerment side: They have lots of choices, it has become easier to switch, they have a powerful voice, and they demand more. Companies are on the engagement side; the smart ones realize that new interaction channels open up new opportunities to deliver value in the context in which customers use their products or services.”

The OpenText Online Marketing solution is designed to meet marketing’s needs in this multi-channel world. Instead of attempting to cobble together campaigns, or simply skipping channels completely because of cost or platform limitations, marketers can use this solution to target and reach diverse online audiences with consistent messages whether those audiences are on social media, mobile devices or elsewhere, such as partner and affiliate sites.

Further, OpenText Online Marketing supports a closed loop marketing process that lets marketers plan marketing campaigns, attract high-value visitors, convert them into loyal customers and measure the return on marketing investment (ROMI) gained from online programs. The solution can adapt to any organizational size or complexity, making it the premier choice for global entities with intricate marketing and governance requirements.

“It almost goes without saying that CMOs in today’s world are tasked to deliver measurable returns for their digital marketing programs. This entails reducing customer acquisition costs, increasing customer loyalty and maximizing the lifetime value of the customer,” said James Latham, Chief Marketing Officer, OpenText. “By bringing Web, social and mobile activities together, we are giving marketing executives the ability to not only roll out successful multi-channel marketing initiatives, but to demonstrate their value.”

OpenText customer experience solutions are used by some of the largest brands in the world including major hotel chains, multi-national consumer product companies, major automobile manufacturers, and global restaurant chains among many others. More than 95 percent of OpenText’s online marketing customer base has a global Web presence and manages thousands of Web pages and customer interactions daily.

In addition to the new Online Marketing solution, OpenText announced the release of service pack 1 for Web Experience Management 8.1 that offers new and enhanced capabilities along with updates based on customer feedback. Web Experience Management is the core platform for OpenText online customer experience management solutions.

Enhancements in the service pack include native updates, plug-ins and third-party add-ins that offer: rapid templating to design a Web page in three easy steps using any Web page from around the world; a multivariate testing for digital marketers; mobile Web page preview, OpenText Web and Social Analytics for insight into the customer experience; archival of whole Web sites to individual elements; and enhancements for multilingual distributed global websites for French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese.

OpenText Online Marketing is the second solution to incorporate Web Experience Management 8.1 and other OpenText Web technologies to provide a comprehensive Web solution. OpenText Social Communities solution, announced in October, helps companies promote and drive the shift to a social business model.

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