29th February 2012

MyAjaxApp.com Launches AjaxDB

my ajax appWith the release of MyAjaxApp.com, a new opportunity for supporting data-driven Ajax applications is launched. MyAjaxApp.com is now providing an easy, affordable and scalable way to construct a database that is instantly available for JavaScript programmers. This system is aimed towards small to medium sized companies who have been unable to build or use a database system, due to cost, infrastructure and technical barriers.

To create a SaaS web service that has the potential to be offered to a lot of customers, a non multi-tenant system will not be effective. Building a SaaS offering that can scale is a huge undertaking for development and is practically impossible for most people, due to its high cost. MyAjaxApp.com believes they have the solution to this in AjaxDB. AjaxDB is a true multi-tenant database system, or database-as-a-service, and is built from a new Multi-tenant Poly-schema data model designed and created by Jerry Visser. “Our system is multi-tenant right out of the box, and so is your use of the system,” says Jerry, “AjaxDB doesn’t even know how to be single tenant.” “Our database service is multi-tenant at the table level, table schema level and at the table view level.”

Typically, database systems are designed for engineers and require complicated code to connect, create and manage information, even for simple solutions. There are less and less skilled programmers, yet all traditional database providers continually target engineers. Using AjaxDB greatly simplifies the development of data-driven web applications and SaaS offerings because it does not require database administrators or software engineers. Jerry Visser states, “We designed AjaxDB and the ajaxPlugin specifically for web designers, rather than programmers. We wanted the people who create web pages to also have the power to easily design and integrate the database with it. This will make it so much easier to build and launch a new web service. Now, anyone with JavaScript skills can build a database too.”

AjaxDB is a database-as-a-service where there is no software installation ever, and no software development kits. Other providers still require the download and installation of software on the customer server. MyAjaxApp.com provides a JavaScript library, ajaxPlugin, which creates a database connection to AjaxDB across domains. Also included on MyAjaxApp.com is a point-and-click online database management system, where a designer creates tables, tenant categories, tenants, XML subscriptions, and can input/modify database records. All this makes creating a database table easy for any web developer and takes only milliseconds to become instantly available or edited for a website or service. A web developer using AjaxDB can use data in the tables at any web hosting company, opening up web development to endless front-end solutions.

Many small to medium sized businesses have not been able to take advantage of SaaS and cloud-based services, because they are still too costly. MyAjaxApp.com aims to bridge this technical and cost gap by providing a database system that is easy to use and affordable. Using AjaxDB provides a revolutionary and refreshing approach to database development.

MyAjaxApp.com is a new company based in Montreal Canada, with their premier product, AjaxDB, conceived and in development since 2005. MyAjaxApp.com was founded by Jerry Visser, who graduated from British Columbia Institute of Technology where he studied Electrical and Computer Engineering. Since 2004 Jerry has been creating enterprise data-driven solutions in Canada.

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