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25th January 2012

eXludus Launches Partner Program For Mobile And Tablet Vendors

exluduseXludus Technologies, a pioneer in run-time resource management for multicore systems, today announced a new partner program specifically for vendors of mobile and tablet systems – market segments where the adoption of multicore chips is increasing rapidly. The MCOpt Partner Program for Mobile Solutions (MPP-MS) enables vendors to offer greater multicore reliability and performance for applications running on Android mobile phones and tablets, without requiring any re-writes or changes to existing applications, by providing access to MCOpt multicore management software and technical/development support.

Mobile device manufacturers are increasingly looking to multicore chips to enhance the user experience and support the growing number of apps on the market. But resource contention on multicore systems is a common problem that causes unpredictable application performance and compromises reliability. These challenges can become a competitive disadvantage. MCOpt software solves these problems and improves the user experience by:

  • Increasing application stability and performance
  • Extending battery life through dynamic power management based on the real-time needs of applications
  • Prioritizing to ensure that resources are available for key applications
  • Improving control of available processing cycles through real-time resource allocation

“MCOpt converts the promise of multicore processing into reality and provides a real competitive advantage for mobile operators and device manufacturers,” said Dale Geldart, CEO, eXludus Technologies. “By allowing more concurrent applications to safely and optimally share resources, this program enables vendors to better control, segment and prioritize multicore resources, and ultimately deliver a more reliable and stable user experience.”

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