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6th January 2012

ViXS And Morega Systems Team Up To Power Digital Media Hub For Consumers’ Content

vixsViXS Systems, Inc. and Morega Systems, Inc. today announced a strategic partnership to enable, morega systemsfor the first time, the seamless access and streaming of premium, personal, and user-generated content to and from multiple devices within the home.

Morega’s proprietary content portability technologies will be integrated with ViXS XCode®media processors and embedded into consumer electronics (CE) products, set-top boxes (STBs), network attached storage (NAS) devices, and multimedia gateways. The integrated solution will give rise to a new class of CE devices that allow individuals to watch their video content across multiple screens, with the ability to stream, protect, convert, and operate across different media standards seamlessly.

“Technology and broadcasting have finally intersected to provide a seamless, secure, and high-quality digital media experience for the consumer,” said Sally Daub, president and CEO of ViXS Systems. “Together, ViXS Systems and Morega have solved the challenges associated with integrating broadcast, personal, and user-generated content across all CE devices in the home, and are taking the digital media entertainment industry to the next level.”

The combined offering detects media content present on all CE products within the home, and comply with Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) interoperability guidelines. The joint ViXS-Morega technology supports a broad range of CE products, including set-top boxes, personal computers (PCs), mobile phones, tablets, digital video recorders (DVRs), and NAS devices. Using a Web browser or a mobile app, consumers can view and access all of their personal, user-generated, and premium content on their preferred devices of choice.

“The hassle involved with moving and managing content across a multitude of devices, and dealing with the frustration of digital rights management (DRM) incompatibilities, are now things of the past,” said Philip Poulidis, president and CEO of Morega Systems Inc. “Morega’s software running on ViXS Systems’ hardware platform is a powerful solution to this problem, yet it’s flexible enough to meet the distinct needs of all parties involved in the multimedia value chain – from consumers and content creators, to manufacturers and service providers.”

Using HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) server extensions, Morega employs adaptive bit rate streaming technology to ensure a high-quality viewing experience across limited bandwidth networks. By combining the crypto processing cores in the ViXS system-on-a-chip (SoC) chipsets with Morega’s downloadable, cross-platform security framework, the joint offering also offers support for digital transmission content protection (DTCP)-IP and DRM-protected content.

The integrated solution will be on display at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in both the ViXS Systems booth (South 2 – MP25958) and the Morega booth (South 2 – MP25757). Demonstrations will feature streaming and porting of protected and user-generated content between NAS, DVR, media gateway, and media streaming devices designed by various original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners.

ViXS Systems Inc. has also announced a partnership with Topfield to develop a highly-advanced media gateway set-top box (STB) design. This innovative design demonstrates the high-performance multimedia functions of the XCode® 4210 STB processor and ViXS Xtensiv®software combination, and the secure multi-screen content portability provided by Morega Systems’ software solution. Topfield is a global leader and innovator in advanced set-top box design. This unique design will also be showcased at the ViXS Systems booth at CES.

The XCode4210 STB processor is a proven STB system-on-chip (SoC) and was the industry’s first full STB SoC with an integrated dual HD transcoder. The XCode 4210 is currently in production and offers unique system architecture for off-loading real-time intensive functions such as transcoding, encoding, 2D/3D graphics and network processing. The result of this innovative architecture is high-resource availability on the main CPU therefore providing the best system performance and user experience for any advanced middleware solutions. The XCode 4210 STB SoC also integrates best-in-class ViXS’ patented transcoding technology and Morega Systems’ proprietary secure content mobility software solution to enable multi-screen place shifting, critical to leading operators for creating new revenue opportunities across multiple platforms.

Key features of the XCode 4210:

  • Dual HD (High definition) decoding
  • Integrated dual HD to HD transcoding
  • Single HD encoding
  • Encodes, decodes and transcodes HD video up to 1080p60/50
  • High performance CPU architecture with up to 3,500 DMIPS available for Application Hosting
  • Advanced 2D graphics engine
  • Advanced 3D graphics engine fully compliant to OpenGL ES2.0 at 1080p resolution
  • Dedicated network processor for high throughput
  • Support of full HD resolution 3D TV
  • Support for Over-The-Top (OTT) video services and content
  • Integration of a wide range of peripherals, including: PCI Express, USB, Serial ATA, Gigabit Ethernet, and DDR3

“When we were looking for a hardware platform for our premium content portability software solutions, ViXS Systems XCodewas the perfect choice,” said Philip Poulidis, president and CEO of Morega Systems Inc. “We were looking for a technology that was flexible, powerful, robust and at the leading edge of network media processing. Only with such a platform could our innovative technology be demonstrated and launched in broadcaster services this year.”

“In the era of content mobility, the versatility to transcode content to different formats has evolved from luxury to necessity. It brings us both enthusiasm and excitement to cooperate with ViXS, who stands out as a sole source of high performance, market-proven transcoding functionality.” said YongChul Lee, president and CEO of Topfield. “Topfield has, for many years, been at the forefront of developing novel STB technology. The ViXS XCode4210 system-on-chip provides us with a powerful solution that allows us to continue to deliver trend-setting innovative products.”

“The capability of supporting content mobility and advanced user interface is a prevalent requirement in the set-top box market and the ViXS XCode4210 system-on-chip provides the most advanced system performance and transcoding functionality,” said Sally Daub, president and CEO of ViXS Systems. “We are very happy to be collaborating with such a leading set-top box manufacturer as Topfield and such a leading software partner as Morega Systems.  It is exciting to be working with these two great companies to be the first to demonstrate and develop the most advanced and innovative media gateway and multi-screen solution required by leading service and content providers worldwide.”

In yet other news, ViXS Systems Inc. and Shenzhen company iPanel have teamed up to provide the first Multi-screen, know as n-Screen, multimedia platform for commercial deployment in China.

iPanel focuses on the value-added business for digital TV, IPTV, and the internet TV industry and is the largest and most competitive software platform for service providers in China. With over 70% of the digital TV middleware market share and over 84 million DVB subscribers in China as well as 30% of the IPTV middleware global market share, iPanel is the clear leader in innovative software solutions for this market.

“As a leader in network media processing ViXS is pleased to provide platforms to support the best software solutions”, said Sally Daub, ViXS president and CEO. “iPanel is taking full advantage of the powerful functionality of the ViXS XCode 4210 to build products adding new streaming and connected home technologies to an already impressive list of applications”.

“iPanel and ViXS are working together to provide the next generation media experience to our customer base”, said Jiahong Xu, iPanel president and CEO.  “The ViXS XCode 4210 network media processor SoC was a logical choice to port the latest iPanel 3.0 middleware and to expand the capabilities of the platform to address the needs and requirement of consumers to manage, stream and display content on multiple media devices in their homes”.

With over 3,500 DMIPS available for hosting and network processing the iPanel 3.0 middleware the XCode 4210 is the ideal hardware digital TV platform to deliver multiple HD steams to multiple devices in the home. In addition, the XCode 4210 offers HD video encoding, dual HD decoding for picture in picture and dual HD transcoding up to 1080p60/50 resolution. With an advanced full HD OpenGL-ES2.0 3D graphic processor, dedicated networking processor and a wide range of protocols supported including PCIe, USB, SATA, Gigabit Ethernet and DDR3, the XCode 4210 offers an extensive suite of media processing capabilities for today’s demanding media requirements.

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