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14th December 2011

ViXS Systems Announces Widevine DRM Support on XCode Products

vixsSmart network multimedia processor provider ViXS Systems Inc. has announced the support of digital rights management solution (DRM) from the company Widevine on its XCode™ products. The XCode™ multimedia processors from ViXS integrate an advanced security architecture allowing the porting of digital rights management (DRM) from companies such as Widevine, a global leader for securing high quality audio and video delivery.

The XCode™multimedia processor SoCs uniquely combine state-of-the-art ViXS’ patented transcoding and transcrypting technologies providing the ability for place shifting and multiscreen streaming. Transcrypting and transcoding technologies are vital for the success of TV everywhere and multi-screen services. Having this technology integrated into the ViXS XCode™product lines allows for seamless conversion of conditional access (CA) and digital rights management (DRM) to other CA and DRM systems.  This powerful transcryption technology enables the secure distribution of high value content from service and content providers to popular consumer viewing devices such as tablets and mobile phones securely anywhere in the world.

“ViXS offers the best-in-class smart network multimedia processors integrating transcoding and transcrypting on the market today,” said Sally Daub, President and CEO of ViXS Systems. “The support of the digital rights management solution from Widevine will greatly enhance our security technology offering and will enable our customers to deploy TV everywhere and multiscreen services in a very effective and secure manner.”

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