8th December 2011

Kallo Launches Mobile Medical Clinic

kalloK?llo Inc. has announced the launch of its mobile medical clinic “Mobile Care™” – a mobile medical care unit that comes as the result of more than 18 months of diligent product and technology infrastructure development. The sole purpose of this unit is to dramatically improve the delivery of medical services to remote areas of the world.

“Mobile Care™ is basically an extension of an actual hospital. The mobile clinic will be able to do everything from diagnostics, to minor surgeries, to cancer, HIV and malaria treatments,” said John Cecil, Chairman and CEO of K?llo Inc.

K?llo’s Mobile Care™ has capabilities far beyond those of medical tents set up in disaster areas and remote parts of the world in dire need of proper medical facilities.

Designed in Canada, Mobile Care™ is copyrighted technology that has no parallel in market. Mobile Care™ will bring the technology and specialized medical services of an actual hospital to anywhere in the world.

The Mobile Clinic™ is just one of seven new projects headed up by K?llo Inc., and the rest are expected to be released in 2012.

K?llo Inc. operates out of Markham and provides Healthcare Technology solutions to doctors (general practitioners and specialists), clinics and hospitals, with technology infrastructure that supports both Windows and Mac environments. K?llo converts/integrates clients’ historical data into our software and systems; install, implement and train clients and their staff on our system and provide remote support and system maintenance to ensure high uptime to the health professional. Besides EMR, PACS and MDC, K?llo is launching Mobile Care™ and 3 other copyrighted technologies in the next few months.

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