30th November 2011

Epiphan Introduces Lecture Recorder x2

epiphanOttawa’s Epiphan Systems Inc. has announced the release of its Lecture Recorder x2™, a new third generation portable hardware platform for digital video recording, streaming and replaying of multiple audio visual sources, making it ideal for the recording, the broadcast streaming and the replaying of multi-source audio-visual multi-media applications. The Lecture Recorder x2 captures an HD video source from a VGA/DVI/HDMI1 display or camera, in parallel with an analog S-Video/Composite SD analog video source and a stereo/mono audio source, making it a versatile tool for  recording or streaming presentations, events, lectures, how to videos, training videos, conference proceedings, seminars, marketing videos or vignettes.

The Lecture Recorder x2 then streams the HD+SD multi-media content to either a single picture in picture combined stream or independent streams for the HD and SD channels respectively. Standard browsers and media players  can view the stream(s) via a standard URL. Lecture Recorder x2 can also record the HD+SD streams to internal storage and can automatically publish to a local USB storage key, or to the network with choice of push and pull services.

Lecture Recorder x2 Key Features:

•   Single Appliance device solution to capture, stream, record and replay multi media events.

o   Integrated with Power over Ethernet, built in splitters and converters. Reduces space, cabling and power consumption, removes the need for dedicated capture computer, display specific splitters, converters and multiple power supplies. No fans, no noise.
o   Simply connects to audio-visual input source cables. No software or networking to install on presenter’s computer. Streaming and recording is non-obtrusive, OS and CPU agnostic, no performance or security degradation on presenter computer
o   Easily Portable for Professional Audio-Visual Event Management Services

•   Capture, Synchronize, Record, Stream, Publish, Replay:

o   HD Video Source: VGA/DVI/HDMI (up to 1920 x 1200)
o   SD Video Source: composite or S-video camera
o   Audio Source: Line, Mic., Stereo/Mono signals

•   Choose to Record/Stream Input channels as:

o   Independent HD and SD Streams
o   HD/SD in a Single Stream with one of multiple Picture in Picture Layouts choices

•   Resolutions, Frame Rates, Performance and Bandwidth Management:

o   HD Resolutions :up to 1920 x 1200 , 1080p at 30 FPS (1080p30)
o   Preserve original capture resolution or apply new frame size automatic real-time scaling
o   Configure: frame size, scaling, frame rate, bit rate, and other performance parameters

•   Standards, Interoperability, Scalability

o   Interoperates with multiple browsers, and media players
o   Choice of hardware based encoding CODECs, streaming and mechanisms

–   Flash (H.264), ASF (MPEG4), ASF (H.264), RTP (MPEG-4), RTP (H.264) and MJPEG

o   Broadcast over a choice of transport architectures and content distribution networks using choice of HTTP, or RTP over UDP, RTSP or HTTP

•   Video file management, Local Storage, Auto-Publish Videos to Network Storage

o   16G of internal storage for hours of recordings
o   Automatically uploads recorded files for replay to network file server repository using the choice of FTP, CIFS or RSYNC
o   Auto copy to locally inserted USB Storage key

•   Visual Experience and Branding Features

o   Simply add text, time stamps, copyright notices to streams and recordings
o   Multiple picture-in-picture streaming and multiplexing layout options
o   Streaming layouts can be personalized to brand the look and feel of live webcasts or video recordings using picture with picture options and XLST technology

•   Open Architecture for Start/Stop Recording Controls

•   Start/stop recordings using multiple interfaces and accessories:

o   Web interface
o   Built-in Push button toggle switch
o   USB mouse, and USB foot pedal switches plug directly to Lecture Recorder x2 USB port
o   EpiphanTouch™ a free start/stop recording app iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
o   RS-232 commands API for AMX/Creston and other RS-232 controllers
o  HTTP command API

•   Integrated AV System Management

o   HTTP-based and RS-232 API can be interfaced with classroom management and recording control systems
o   Remote Video/Audio Monitoring and Local Audio/Video Pass-through monitoring

•   No annual license maintenance or fees

•   No limit to the number of Lecture Recorder x2 devices or user licenses on your network

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