14th October 2011

A New Look At The Secret World

funcomFuncom has released brand new screenshots and a developer diary video for its upcoming massively The Secret World - factionsmultiplayer online game ‘The Secret World’. The new screenshots includes a look at characters from the three secret societies – the Illuminati, the Dragon, and the Templars.

Two of the screenshots also shows the new character faces graphics that are in development, a huge leap in detail and quality from the character face graphics that have been presented in screenshots, videos and live demos of the game earlier.

The Secret World - factionsThe new video aims to give a good overview of The Secret War – the gameplay within ‘The Secret World’ that focuses on the three secret societies and the conflict between them. The video gives a quick introduction to the three secret societies, as well as exploring the PvP mechanics in the game where players have to fight to control legendary locations such as Stonehenge and Eldorado.

The video also shows footage from one of the massive war zone areas, where hundreds of players clash together in epic, persistent PvP battles.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

“One of the most interesting features of ‘The Secret World’ is the three profoundly different secret societies that The Secret World - factionsplayers can join,” Funcom SVP of Sales & Marketing, Morten Larssen said earlier this year. “Since we first announced the game we have gradually revealed more details about them, and what we have seen is that thousands of gamers in our community have come to identify with them and form a loyal bond to other community members belonging to the same society. With ‘The Secret War’ experience we are excited about the prospect of allowing for even more community interaction and engagement.”

For those not familiar with the game’s premise – imagine a world where secret societies pull the strings of kings and presidents, where vampires are more than just a Hollywood fantasy, and where all the The Secret World character developmentmyths, legends and conspiracies are true. The Secret World is an MMO that breaks free from the confinements of character classes and levels and allows players to explore real-world locations with an engrossing storyline. Funcom will not only challenge but redefine long-established MMO standards.

The Secret World is scheduled for release in April, 2012 for Xbox 360 and Windows PC.

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